early college highschool???!?

im graduating from the 8th grade this year, so next year im obviously going into highschool. But i've been given the choice to either go to high school, or early college highschool. my parents want me to go to echs(early college high school) because they think it will get me ahead, but im not sure if i want to miss out on actual highschool lol. then i heard it saves like 60,000 dollars if you do echs and im beginning to feel really bad. the economy and all, it would save us a lot of cash and stuff. what is the better choice?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You should check with the ECHS you will be attending. Some echs' are beginning to do some activities like normal high schools for the exact reason you have for possibly not attending it. Also remember that yes it saves money, but if you are really worried about finances you could always apply for financial aid (which is free money for school) or student loans. If your learning abilities are well enough you could even just go to regular high school, keep your grades up and apply for scholarships to help once the time comes to go off. Good luck!!

  • 3 years ago

    That sucks. I quite have heard that their are exams which you will soak up order to bypass grades, yet you incredibly would desire to chat what grew to advance into into meant to be found out in those grades. that's the reason many people settle on out of abode coaching. In answer on your GED question, i've got have been given self assurance you will get a GED and although bypass to a tech college. you may fairly get a 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days degree in suggestion systems-multimedia thinking this would properly be a tech form activity. the only draw returned is you will initiate cut back in any corporation corporation which you attempt to connect. My suggestion would desire to be to the two end highschool, that's the main huge-unfold indoors the destiny, or bypass to a technical college, get a point, and connect a smaller corporation corporation the area your degree could be better efficient.

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