Can I get Disfellowshipped for dating?

Technically, I am Jehovah's Witness. I've been DFed twice. I'm reinstated but "inactive" because I haven't been in service or to a meeting since April 08. I have a boyfriend. We are not doing anything that would be considered immoral. But my mom told me I would be disfellowshipped again if I continued to date him or if we got married. Is that true?

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    You cannot be dissfellowshipped for dating even a person who isn't a JW. Unless you are fornicating in which case you may or may not get dissfellowshipped depending on the circumstances. You only get DFd when you continue to go against bible teaching continually while knowing you aren't supposed to do it. So maybe you are doing something you may not consider fornication but the elders and the bible say otherwise and you continue doing it perhaps? If you have a question or don't know about something or are having doubts and you don't necessarily believe the elders or other witnesses look it up yourself in one of the bible based publications such as the Young People Ask books and What does the Bible really teach. These books have helped me tremendously and helped me gain deeper respect for the elders.

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    I'm a christian. I believe God the father sent his son Jesus Christ here on earth to live and then die for my sins and any one else who believes in him. I attend a baptist church but on some sundays you would think it's baptacostal because we get our praise on.. all in biblical order of course. We study the word of God, the holy bible. We do not have a set of beliefs that a human man put together that can have the power to override what the bible says. God's word is infailable- it is TRUTH.

    I said all that to say this......where in scripture from the holy bible written by men via the holy spirit of God, does it say you will be disfellowshipped for dating. Is disfellowshipped even a word. If it it christian to disfellowship someone? Isn't that just the opposite of what Jesus would do?

    I think maybe your "religion" may have you caught up in the wrong way. Its really about a "RELATIONSHIP" with Christ rather than a "religion". Especially a religion that will "disfellowship" someone. I don't mean to insult or offend you in any way but I do want you to look at somethings..........

    God bless you.

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    That's harsh, especially since you haven't been to a meeting in a year.

    I'm not going to diss your religion. I'm LDS and people frequently need to choose between a smaller group of LDS members or a larger dating pool, but we don't need to choose between that and our religion.

    It certainly is easiest to be with someone who has the same values as you do. The fact that you won't do anything immoral is a great thing, it speaks volumes about both of you.

    I wish you luck in not wanting to loose either of those relationships you hold dear.

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    You won't be disfellowshipped, but you are displeasing Jehovah. We are told in the Bible to not be unevenly yoked together with unbelievers. I want to make sure I come off as compassionate, but it is hard to do in writing so please understand that I am just concerned with your welfare. Ditch the boy, ask a mature sister to study with you, and focus on being a faithful servant of Jehovah.

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    is your heart really into your religion. a lot of atheists dislike religion because they see it as a way by which some people try to control others and it would seem to me that this disfellowshipping lark is a perfect example of a method of control.

  • 1. Why?

    2. Unless youare 'dating' a bomber, convicted rapist, murderer, or something like that; do you want to presently fellowship with those people?

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