Ok so, I went to go beat the cruicible again for some exp, and after the first round with the beetles, I saved and continued, and played with my abilities thing for a bit, and everything was normal, but I wasted some exp discarding some skills, so I quit and didnt save, reloaded my last save, and I fell through the floor into this black room, and im stuck in a floating positsion with my arms in the air, like im jumping, and when I try to move I dissappear and glitch, when I stay still im stuck in that positsion, I cant press start, the scene box comes up, I cant do spells, or anything. Its incredibly annoying!!!!!!!!! Ive tried shutting down the system and reloading it several times.

Please help me fix this, thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Joe P - It's me the person asking question, I beat fable 2 twice now, and I was working on my third try. And I know that the plot was short, but it was still amazing, I am a fable nerd ftw, and I adored the first. So, please if you guys know a way to fix it without having the xbl patch help meeeeeee!!!!!!!!! ;~;

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  • Joe P
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    1 decade ago

    I beat fable 2, and let me tell you, after the crucible, thats pretty much the last thing you do. That game was way too short. I say cut your losses and sell it. You'll be disappointed with the ending anyway

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