Is ISBM (Indian school of business management & administration) a genuine B-School ?

i'm going to do MBA course from (ISBM) Indian School of Business Managment & Administration. I've been searching ISBM in UGC approved B-School list but coudn't find it. Help me

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  • john
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    1 decade ago
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    probably yes

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  • 3 years ago

    surely, in case you pick to bypass into finance, economics or math would be only as stable a level to get (in all probability extra useful). Wharton would not award levels in business business enterprise admin, yet truly awards economics with an emphasis on business business enterprise. college of Texas is stable. MIT is stable, Cornell is stable, Notre dame is effective, NYU is effective, Berkeley is stable, etc. those faculties would be very confusing to get into from community college. Wharton, MIT, and Cornell would be very almost impossible. Are you talking approximately and MBA or an undergraduate? the faculties I listed are Undergraduate centred.

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