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we are so different but we like each other sooo much :(?

ok I am 17 and there's a guy met over the internet the cutest guy on earth, and we both slowly fall in love with each other ...

you see I am a normal girl from a good and really protective family "if ya know what I meam" and he's EMO and he wrote my name on his hand with knife (can you imagine that) I am not sure if I should meet him or something cause I have doubts maybe he's psycho ... this is not the first time he hurts himself and his fav. movies are ( saw1,2,3,4 ) and still I don't think I will ever be with him you know... but I can't stop thinking about him ...

any thoughts?

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    You never know, you should meet him just to see if you guys connect. Let him take you out to dinner and a movie and just have fun. One thing I like about a relationship like this is if you really begin to love him after spending time with him (more times than just once) you could be the center of his world. This could help him with his emotional problems just as long as you really show him you have feelings for him. You could have a really great and positive effect on this guys life so just meet him and see if you really like him.

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    Haha, my boyfriend cut my name in his arm as well, and he is NOT an emo

    Anyway, you shouldn't really give a damn about what he's like and what he likes, this will make your [future] relationship worse, and eventually hurting one or both of you. Plus, you're in love, so that's all that matters

    You might never know, because to be honest love can change people, like i got together with my boyfriend right after he stopped being emo, and he never was one again because I took care of him.

    Just follow your heart and not your head, you'll be much happier..

    Good luck [:


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    Well you may be just talking to him and not sny other guy and that's why. Having someone different from you isn't bad, but that guy need to stop cutting himself like you said you guys know each other from the internet and those relationships aren't any good for you. They take up your time ans that's it. Try to get away from him for a while and see what happens

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    Be very very careful. I don't think you should meet him until you know more about him. For all you know, he could be someone crazy with some bad intentions. I realize he could be good too, but you said yourself, "I don't think I will ever be with him" so there's no point in doing it. It's good to have friends online, but slow it down. If your parents would advise against it, I don't think you should do it. You're 17. There will be many more guys for you to meet.

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    You need to read what you just wrote and ask the question would I like for my daughter to date a person like this.

    You can't stop thinking about him? I guess that's what all those murdered girls said too . Shake him off girl, all the RED FLAGS ARE FLYING HIGH.

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    I agree. You never know who this guy could be since you met him online. If you insist on meeting him def take someone with you (and not a girlfriend.. a guy)

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    he may not be who u think he is. If you're set on it defo take someone protective with you. He may be lying to get your attention.

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    go for it but don't take it too serious as both of you are still young.

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    oppposites attract...

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