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in 1967, how much of Jerusalem did Israel take back?

In 1967, how much/which part (east, western, north, south) did Israel take back and who owns the part that Israel doesn't have?

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    >>> JERUSALEM is the HEART of PALESTINE , It is A Palestinian city . It was occupied by zionists Israeli troops in 1948 and 1967 ; So

    >>> Israel didn't take back ... It stole and occupied Jerusalem and Palestine . To clarify Palestinians position of their crises; here is a summary of the story:

    Palestine was under the British occupation after 1st world war . 1

    Britain and the European countries arranged to get red of the Jewish and send them away of Europe and encouraged and gave support to introduce Jewish from Europe to Palestine.

    In 1948 the British army delivered part of Palestine and most of British weapons hand to hand to Jewish troops .2

    2 Any Palestinian reported to has a knife or small gun may be hanged by the British army.

    Jewish troops built a terrorist organization called Israel by The USA and Europe full support .In 1967 Israeli troops occupied the rest of Palestine. Since that time any one says a word or makes any action regarding freedom of Palestine will be arrested or killed .Other Palestinians became refugees in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, 1n 1993 Arafat & Abbas made a shameful peace agreement with Israel without taking any action towards implementing of any item of this agreement. HAMAS is an Islamic party who got majority of the votes in Palestinian 2006 elections. Hamas objectives to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation .But Abbas party supported by USA and Israel tried to get red of Hamas Islamic power .Hamas has a national people support in Gaza succeeded in minimizing Abbas party influence in Gaza and get full power in Gaza since June 2007.Now Israel trying to get rid of Hamas but by killing children and women and destroying the infrastructure in Gaza using phosphorus mortars and chemical weapons.

    Palestinians had suffered in loosing their lives, homes and land and still suffering in many aspects such as - for example only:

    1- Millions of refugees living in a very terrible situation.

    2- Hundreds thousands of martyrs, injures, disables and prisoners among the Palestinian community.

    3- Thousands of destroyed villages, buildings (homes, schools, mosques, hospitals,).

    4- Millions of destroyed trees.

    5- Hundreds of Settlements surrounding Palestinian cities and villages

    6- The Racist wall crossing the heart of Palestine destroying thousands of acres of Palestinians' lands.

    7- Others.

    Now the Palestinians have a collection of issues needs immediate solutions such as – for example only:

    1- International announcement to identify all Palestinian fighting parties as freedom fighters and stop any indication, reference or mentioning of terrorism or similar words directly or indirectly in relation to any Palestinian.

    2- Free all prisoners.

    3- Let all refugees return back to homes, properties and land in Palestine, and get the right to practice normal liberal and free life with full influence on land, seaports and airports of Palestine.

    4- Have full indemnification in respect of all aspects of suffering to be paid for every person related directly or indirectly to any aspect of suffering.

    5- Remove all the settlements.

    6- Remove the Racist wall completely.

    7- Others.

    Then Palestinians can begin peace negotiation, otherwise peace will be so far.

    Despite these facts Palestinians are going for - senseless negotiations if any are there. !!!.

    Map of Palestine

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     The Palestinians should be allowed to get armed, to be able defending themselves against racist terrorist criminal organization called "Israel" which is duly supported by :

    > The US and Most of European countries.

    >> Double standards of the UN organizations-such as Security Council.

    >>> The black VETO right of the US.

    >>>> The racist Zionism lobby in The US and Most of European countries.

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    In 1948, Jerusalem was divided between Israel and I think Jordan, but I believe was run by the UN or some international agency, not either country. After the Six Day War, the "Old City" was in Israeli hands. I'm not positive of the geography of Jerusalem, but I assume it was on the Eastern side of Jerusalem.

    At this time Israel owns all of Jerusalem and occupies the West Bank, but the Palestinians have a sort of government there.

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    The correct description is "illegally occupied" not "take back".

    Israel illegally occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 during the 6-day war. Now Israel occupies all of Jerusalem. The illegal occupation of East Jerusalem is not recognized by any country in the world, including the US. There are several UN security Council resolutions (237, 242, 338) telling Israel to withdraw from these lands (including East Jerusalem)

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    the east half

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    ummm well the plan is to take as much as they can, of course. oh yeah, i'll let u know how much of my backyard they are taking.

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    try 1948

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    But there are Arabs there, too.

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