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Can you get a hundred percent disability from the VA for PTSD?

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That's without being hospitalized. Just curious. I've heard of unemployability, but don't quite know the criteria.
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Yes you can.

I have met a couple ot people who are 100% for PTSD and I would not want to have to live their lives.

100% means that your PTSD is so bad that you are unable to function and frequently are an extreme suicide risk.
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  • Richard Powers answered 8 months ago
    Yes, I'm a 100% disabled veteran who suffers from sevier PTSD. First, I not stupid, timid, fearful or what ever else the public thinks they will see. Yes, I have struggles as to rather being here is really worth the roller coaster ride I'm on. Think about what 20 or 30 hours a week sleep is like trying to actually function that tried. Couple that with the zombizing med effects and I'm edgy, slightly detached, good for short burst, but this also leaves me on edge to the point, yes I can explode over nothing at all. I survey my surroundings constantly just waiting for something to happen. My lack of sleep comes from violent dreams where I revisit the deaths I've been involved with but now before they die in my dreams they become my children and others I know. Triggers by day brings horrible life like dreams. Sounds, smells, sightings, trigger unexpected emotions. I hide from you g q public. Because your child does not want to meet me when they are goofing around and forget to put a straw in my bag. Yep, I know to well how stupid it is afterwords but at the time my mind is locked into what's right to me and I'm going to put your feet into the fire until you correct your wrong doing. Do you want to be this child's father, I don't either. So, leave me disabled. I have already experienced loosing my freedoms and have a great life with the people I let close to me. I only go out with my spouse who tempers me in public and knows when it's time to leave. Besides that I barrier myself in the safety of my fenced property. All I want is to find relief, work on repairing family relations and die slightly in my own home beside my wife after many, many years gone by. To do this, I need va care and I need everyone else to let me, my family, and my doctors worry about me. I did what I could for my country, it came with a price, I accept my burden, but if you cross me, you may think your all that, but you may not be ready for where things can go if you trigger me. So don't try to help, just give me the peace I need to care for my family the best I can. I'm dad, grandpa, and f****d enough without anyone else trying to help. Yes, I've also experienced, you need God, you need exercise, when what I really need is five minutes alone with a few of those idiots. I love my country, I love people, I need privacy.
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  • Marine5 answered 6 years ago
    ROTF LMAO...
    I are one...and I ain't Suicidal either...
    But you are still welcome to my life...

    What is your SC % for PTSD now ?

    You might want to go through a
    "Residential PTSD Program"...
    and apply for a PTSD % upgrade just
    prior to going through it...they will then
    have those records to back up your claim...
    Make sure your GAF score is below 40...
    35...is better.


    Retired Marine...VSO
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  • Mrsjvb answered 6 years ago
    yes it is possible.
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  • Can you get a hundred percent disability from the VA for PTSD?
    That's without being hospitalized. Just curious. I've heard of unemployability, but don't quite know the criteria.
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