Can you get a hundred percent disability from the VA for PTSD?

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That's without being hospitalized. Just curious. I've heard of unemployability, but don't quite know the criteria.
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Yes you can.

I have met a couple ot people who are 100% for PTSD and I would not want to have to live their lives.

100% means that your PTSD is so bad that you are unable to function and frequently are an extreme suicide risk.
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  • Marine5 answered 5 years ago
    ROTF LMAO...
    I are one...and I ain't Suicidal either...
    But you are still welcome to my life...

    What is your SC % for PTSD now ?

    You might want to go through a
    "Residential PTSD Program"...
    and apply for a PTSD % upgrade just
    prior to going through it...they will then
    have those records to back up your claim...
    Make sure your GAF score is below 40... better.


    Retired Marine...VSO
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  • Mrsjvb answered 5 years ago
    yes it is possible.
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