how to inform wife needs to loose weight?

sorry about my english .

one of my wife i want her to loose weight as she is looking bad compared with others. how to do this i tell her look at other wife how butiful she gets cry. what are best ways for this.


i tel her the reason for female is to be looking good all the time and make pleasures for male she still fat.

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    Someone let the trolls out of their cage this morning....

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    I don't care what culture you are from or what religion you believe in, women were not placed on this earth to please males. Her health should be way more important than her appearance. If she truly is over weight or obese, then try asking yourself why this has happened. Is it a medical problem such as thyroid cancer, is it genetics, is it an emotional issue in which she feels she needs food to calm her self down and gain a sense of control? Talk about these things with your wife. BE CAREFUL... many societies have put an immense amount of pressure on women to be very thin, you need to be extremely sensitive with this subject while talking to your wife (and other women as well). DO NOT compare her to any other women! Every-body was created differently.

    If indeed it is a medical problem, you, your wife and her doctor should go over the terms of the medical disorder and learn what can be done to help her. On the other hand, it could be an emotional issue. Many women and men use food like a drug. They use it to control their emotions. For some people binging and overeating are like meth addicts using meth. At that very moment when people are using their addiction, these emotions are numbed. Yes, numbed, they are not cured. They use it to cure the imbalance in their emotion and to control the way they feel. Many people use addictions in hopes of trying to control sadness, anger, anxiety, depression ect. Maybe YOU are causing her to feel unhappy with herself or depressed. Maybe something else in her life is causing her to feel this way. This is something that you can not figure out on your own. If you want to be a good husband, you need to sit down and talk to her to discuss why she feels this way. Both of you need to be completely honest with each other. You may even realize that you could be contributing to her feeling this way, which means you could be contributing to her weight gain.

    The first thing that you need to do is stop nagging at her for her weight. Like I said before, if she truly is overweight or obese, there is a reason for this. Talk to her and check with a doctor (if one is available) to understand the issues that lead to the weight gain. Remember that beauty comes in many different shapes, colors and personality.

    Source(s): -My experience with my eating disorders -The St. Cloud Hostpital Women and Childrens Specialty Center -The Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital Eating Disorder Institute
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    he's probable truly unhappy. He would probable desire to be out doing activities and stepping into shape and stuff yet feels truly trapped and not on top of problems along with his life (perhaps you have taken on extra administration of issues than what's wholesome). And he copes with no longer being loose with the aid of smoking and eating and so on. From his perspective, he probable believes that he has sacrificed lots to your marriage and family members. He works at a activity that he probable would not get excitement from so as to financially assist you. He sacrificed his fashionable events so as to make his time attainable to you and the babies. it is probable confusing for him to have self belief which you do no longer see that. you are able to desire to boost his freedom. you are able to desire to tell him which you notice how unhappy he's. And which you somewhat desire him to be loose to take can charge of his time. make certain if he truly desires to artwork on the activity he's in or if he can do some thing that makes him happier. tell him you desire him to pursue his own hobbies only approximately consistently. meaning you will no longer have him many weekends, and a few evenings. yet it potential you will finally end up getting back the guy you married. EDIT: ok, so which you're patently no longer prepared to settle for which you have any place in the project, or that there is something you're able to do to alter it. you have self belief which you're suitable. have faith me. you're a administration freak. you're commencing to make certain countless the outcomes. If he would not fit on your life, and you stay your life the form you desire, then eliminate him. it is straightforward. in case you do no longer desire to eliminate him, then you definately're going to would desire to alter. He would replace, yet he would no longer. you are able to no longer administration that. you are able to no longer administration how different all and sundry is. yet all and sundry isn't the way that they are just to make a screw up your life. they have complicated reasons. Take some action. decrease him loose or restoration your self. There are actually not the different options.

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    Great question sir. I think the proper thing to do in this situation is to DEMAND that little Miss Piggy "loose" some weight. You already have other very much beautifuler wifes so why for should you need to put up with crap from fatty wife? She is only woman and maybe he fat butt stay in kitchen and cook and bake cookies for you and your skinny hot azz wifes. Ya know wut I mean dare man?

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    Telling any women that she needs to loose weight is tricky, mainly she will attempt to cry/hit/cold shoulder. So I reccomend having a freind come over and saying she could loose a few pounds, that way she will hate him not you, and then you can console her. This will make her determined to loose the wieght, and you will look like god to her. Yes, fullproof.

    ...Although it could backfire, she could see right through it. If this happens, take refuge in your bomb shelter/ or maby a freinds house. Or if she calls you out on it just say, "Hey I like you just the way you are, but you could look better if you did loose some weight."

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    I have a feeling you're gay. I have a feeling "all" your wives will be dumping you soon. We women look good so we can attract OTHER men and dump hubbies like you in a heartbeat. Sure- encourage her to lose weight...the sooner she loosk hot, the sooner she'll find herself another man.

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    By the way how many wives do you have? If you are not contented with her get one, get another rather than telling him to loose weight.Big bird!

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    Why the hell did u marry her when you cud see she was fat.. Lol

    Do some exercise along with her..Just dont say "U DEFNTLY NEED TO LOOSE THOSE EXTRA POUNDS HONEY"

    And ya what kinda guy r ya?? One of ur wives??

    Just curious how many wives do u ve? U must be ****** into ****

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    Tell her she went from looking like Wilma Flinstone to Fred.

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    Imply about healthiness and changing eating habits, if they're bad.

    However, she's your wife, you should love her for who she is, not what she looks like, don't hurt her, you're lucky to have her.

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