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whats the strongest painkiller you can buy in the uk?

i use to be on oxycontain. what painkiller can you buy to give you that relaxed feeling?

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    Painkillers the name suggests, should only ever be used for pain. Any other use if a form of abuse.

    For nervousness or to help you feel more relaxed, get yourself some B Complex vitamins from Holland and Barratt. Look for B-50 in a time-release formulation. Other than that, I would consider taking Lemon balm. Holland and Barratt also sell that in capsule form. Lemon balm is anti-anxiety, helps promote restful sleep, and as an added bonus it might help boost your memory, and also help prevent cold sores.

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    Codeine - however it can only be purchased over the counter in a low strength dose combined with paracetamol. The strongest you can buy on it's own is Ibuprofen.

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