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need help in history see if i got these right (45 ?s)?

1. Explain why there are two branches of Congress: the House of Representatives and the Senate. Describe the difference between the two.

2. When a Senator speaks on the floor of the Senate for a long time in order to stop a vote on a bill, it is called a:

A. Cloture

B. Filibuster

C. Quorum

D. Roll-call

3. Ratification means to:

A. Approve

B. Deny

C. Propose

D. Continue

4. The first case in which Judicial Review was used was:

A. Texas v. Johnson

B. Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

C. Marbury v. Madison

D. Miranda v. Arizona

5. Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech states that he has a “Dream.” What is this dream he mentions?

A. That Rice, Powell, and Thomas will one day be in Washington, D.C.

B. That one day all people will treat each other equally

C. That one day “*****” will be the accepted term for “Blacks”

D. That African Americans will one day rule the USA instead of “Whites”

6. Just like individuals, the government owes money to different nations, companies, and people. This money that is owed is known as the:

A. Deficit Spending

B. Great Depression

C. Progressive Rate

D. National Debt

7. All of the following are examples of powers denied to the state EXCEPT:

A. Make foreign treaties

B. Marriage Laws

C. Grant titles of nobility

D. Make laws impairing contracts

8. The power of the Supreme Court to declare national, state, and local laws unconstitutional is known as:

A. Judicial Philosophy

B. Judicial Review

C. Jurisdiction

D. Affiliation

9. As Chief Diplomat, the President’s main duty is to:

A. Command the armed forces

B. Negotiate treaties and create foreign policy

C. Lead the political party

D. Be a moral example for the citizens of the US

10. Political Cartoons generally require the viewer to have ______________ in order to understand and appreciate them.

A. Background Knowledge

B. High IQ Scores

C. College Degrees

D. Subscriptions to the local newspaper

11. What is a political party and why are they important? Do you believe American politics would be better off without parties? Why?

12. Perhaps the most controversial case today dealing with due process and the 14th Amendment is __________, when the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that made abortion illegal.

A. Stanley v. Georgia

B. Marbury v. Madison

C. Pierce v. Society of Sisters

D. Roe v. Wade

13. One of the most controversial Amendments to the Constitution is the 2nd because it deals with:

A. The right to bear arms

B. The freedom to express oneself

C. Protection from cruel and unusual punishments

D. Guaranteeing a persons right to be tried by a jury of their peers

14. Many political cartoon use humor to ridicule and point out what is wrong in society. This is known as using:

A. Distorting Reality

B. Stereotyping

C. Satire

D. Artistic License

15. Representatives from the 13 States came together to form the Constitution because the first plan of government, or the _________________, failed.

A. Articles of Confederation

B. Magna Carta

C. Declaration of Independence

D. Bill of Rights

16. The first Amendment protects all of the following freedoms EXCEPT:

A. Religion

B. Press

C. Speech

D. Fair Trial

17. The 5th Amendment is best known for prohibiting people from incriminating themselves. However, it also protects against:

A. Double Jeopardy, or being tried for the same crime twice

B. The taking of Public Property without just compensation

C. Deprivation of life, liberty, and property without due process of law

D. All of the above

18 (graph ? can't post)

19. Judges on the Supreme Court are appointed by the President, but can be denied by:

A. The Vice President

B. The Senate

C. The House of Representatives

D. All of the above

20. _______________ occurs when the government spends more money in a year than it collects in taxes.

A. Deficit Spending

B. The Progressive Rate

C. The National Debt

D. The Great Depression

21. The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to:

A. Ensure the ratification of the Constitution

B. Protect criminals from excessive punishments

C. Safeguard the basic human liberties that all people are born with

D. Provide for the common defense

22. A rule or directive issued by the President that has the effect of law is called a(an):

A. Appointment

B. Treaty

C. Veto

D. Executive Order

23. The difference between a unicameral and a bicameral legislature is:

A. Unicameral has one leader, while bicameral has two leaders

B. Unicameral has two chambers, while bicameral has a single chamber

C. Unicameral has two leaders, while bicameral has one leader

D. Unicameral has one chamber, while bicameral has two chamb

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    Good job, you got them correct.

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  • 4 years ago

    You are right that Britain declared war on germany in september 1940 following Germany's invasion of Poland, whom Britain had promised to protect from invasion. France also declared war and for a while it was Britain and France vs germany. Then by Summer 1940 France had surrendered and Germany controlled virtually all of Europe. The British Empire (Britain along with Australia, Canada, India etc) stood alone fighting against Germany. Then in Summer 1941 germany invaded the USSR (Russia). This brought the USSR into the conflict, which was significant because the USSR had the largest land army in the world. Arguably it was this decision to invade the USSR which set Germany on the path to losing the war Then in December 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. America declared war on Japan, and Germany as Japan's ally declared war on America. The 2 sides from then on stood as following: The British Empire, The USSR (Russia) and America vs Germany, Japan and Italy. Working together, the 3 Great Nations managed to defeat italy in 1944, then go on to force the Germans to surrender in 1945

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