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Why are there so many ladyboys in Thailand?

I have heard from people that there are so many ladyboys (men who act as women) in Thailand.

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    I'm sure that it's got nothing to do with the fact that the real women are so ugly.........No, it CAN'T be that.

    There must be another reason.

    LIKE MONEY.........

  • 4 years ago

    Well, you can call Philippines a proud Christian country. But Filipinos, as you know, are just FOLK CHRISTIANS. A lot of Filipino "Christians" still very much cling to their ancient folktales and folk practices and superstitions and, as a result, cannot completely commit to their colonial Western religion. So, although the Thai might be Buddhists through and through, they are at least sticking with one type of faith rather than blindly fumbling around with a Western religion that they cannot even begin to understand. As for the number of prostitutes either country has, there are various sources of statistics on the matter that you can easily discover by Googling. The last time I checked, I believe the two countries are fairly equal to each other in the amount of prostitution that occurs. No idea about the shemale populations. Probably no reliable statistics on that one.

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    Yes they are very accepted in Thailand. To show you how much I recently read about a school that was installing toilets just for ladyboy pupils.

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    They are accepted here from a young age. They don't have to "Come out" as in the West. No body hassles them,or call them names.

    Many male tourists think they are all prostitutes. Not so.They are shop assistants nurses check out chicks and TV hosts. Truck drivers, Although seeing a lady boy driving a dump truck is really strange.

    If effeminate boys in the West were given the same respect there would probably be just as many

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  • 5 years ago

    The bottom line, excuse the reference, is that no one seems to know why, except for the rediculous idea that there are just as many everywhere else, but closet ones. Easier to believe in UFO,s landing at Schipol airport.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because they are socially accepted whereas in many countries they have to "hide" or can only go to certain places/clubs. As mentioned above quite a few look just beautiful and only at a second glance you'll know it's a man.

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    Lady boys are accepted in Thailand. After all we are all human beings and who cares anyway.

    Am in Krabi at moment and Tour guide was a Lady boy and very good at his job.

    I have no problems withlady boyss and i hope there are a lot of like minded people like myself

    • ronnie5 years agoReport

      One problem with them is that they try tricking unsuspecting straight male tourists into thinking they are women, rather than being honest.

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    its the 3rd gender, there are a lot of lesbians or lady toms in my town too. they are accepted as normal people in thai society, and you will see them on TV shows as "hostesses", many TV shows.

    Some of them look better than many western women, below is a link from the alcazar show:

    Source(s): I have a few of them as friends, they are helpful, friendly and polite. people are people where ever you go.
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    1 decade ago

    Supply meeting demand?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are accepted and treated as anyone else. They hold the same jobs as anyone male or female. In fact some of them are very good looking and hard to tell until you hear them speak.

  • Orla C
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    1 decade ago

    It's not the ladyboys I'd be worried about, it's the exploitation of children.

    • ronnie5 years agoReport

      I have been travelling to Thailand for years and now live here. I have not seen any significant evidence of exploitation of children, with two exceptions, very small children selling flowers to tourists in the streets very late at night and sometimes a child can be seen to be performing gymnastics

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