what did queen liliuokalani do for the buddhists and the shinto's?

i need to write an essay and i need more stuff about how queen liliuokalani was important for hawaii...help!!!!

anything you guys know about her that is important tell me please

thank you

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  • Dave P
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    1 decade ago
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    From Wikipedia:

    The Queen was also remembered for her support of Buddhist and Shinto priests in Hawai'i and became one of the first Native Hawaiians to attend a Vesak Day (Buddha's Birthday) celebration of May 19, 1901 at the Honwangji mission. Her attendance in the celebration had helped Buddhism and Shintoism gain acceptance into Hawai'i's society and prevented the possible banning of those two religions by the Territorial government. Her presence was also widely reported in Chinese and Japanese newspapers throughout the world and earned her the respect of many Japanese both in Hawai'i and in Japan itself.

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