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What do you think about themed baby names?

What I mean is baby names that as a group have a certain theme or letter used for all the children. Im not pregnant or anything like that but it was just a thought....Im not totally for any of these groups as a whole I just included a few names for examples, tell me what you hate and what you love or if you think the whole idea is right/wrong in your opinion! and of course i would use say...erica and eric or something obviously but ya leave your thoughts thanks!


Anna-Sophia, Audrey, Aimee, Alena, Alice, Anya, Annabella, Annelise, Aria, Autumn


Girls- Brielle, Isabella [Bella], Brooke, Beatrix [Bea], Bridgett


Girls- Chloe, Calista, Claire, Caydence,

Boys- Carter, Cullen, Charlie, Colin, Conlan, Calder


Girls: Esme, Elle/Ella, Erica, Emma/Emily, Elyse/ Elysia, Evangeline, Evelyn, Eden

Boys: Emmett, Edward, Erik, Easton, Ethan, Everett,


Girls- Hayley, Heather, Holly, Heidi, Hazel, Holland, Havanna [Anna]

Either-Harlow, Hayden,

Boys- Holden, Hunter, Hendrix, Heath, Heinrich [Heinz], Hudson


Girls- Irina, Irelyn, Isabella, Isis, Isla, Ivy

Boys- Issac, Irving


Girls- Jolie, Jasmine, January, Jemma, Janelle [elle], June, Juliet,

Boys- Jack, Jacob, Jonathan, Jagger, Jasper, Julien,


Khloe, Kadence, Kaelen, Kalista, Karissa, Katarzyna, Karis, Karina, Katrina, Keira

Boys: Kellan, Kaiser, Keating, Kennedy [Ken/Eddie], Kiernan, Knox


Girls- Lark, Laurel, L

Boys- Larkin, Link, L


Girls- Mabel, Madison, Mae, Mercy, Marcheline, Mischa, Marissa, Marisol, Marilyn, Maeve, Maxima, Mena, Mila, Mirabelle [Belle/Bella],

Boys- Marlow, Marley, Martin, Mark, Murphy, Madden, Maddox, Mason, Mathis, Mathias, Micah, Milo, Monroe [Rowan]


Girls- Rosalie/Rose, Reese, Aurora (Rory), Rachelle, Renee, Ruby, Raven,

Either- Rowan, Raleigh [Girl-Lee/Leah Boy-Ray], Riley

Boys- Robert [Rob/Robbie] Reid, Ryder, Ronan,

[S] :

Girls- Savannah, Sophia, Serena, Scarlett, Suri


Girls- Vivienne, Vanessa*, Vera, Verona [vera], Vittoria, Vasilisa, Vanna, Veronica, Violet, Vitalia*, Vienna, Vella [ella],

Boys- Vance, Vartan, Vaughn, Vincent [vinny]


Girls Only- Lily, Rose, Ivy, Meadow, Heather, Marigold [Mary] etc.

Boys- Raine, Phoenix (Nick),


Girls: Winter, Summer, Autumn, Primavera [vera] or Aviva


Girls Only- Rose, Rowan, Scarlett, Violet, Ruby, Skye, Hazel

More or less these are just ideas leave your opinions!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've known people who's mothers named them and their siblings "theme names", and I've found that a lot of them, particularly the ones with letter-themed names, have come to regret it.

    It's your choice what to name your children, but I would suggest naming them something less obvious than similar-sounding letter names. I like your choices for the nature, seasons, and colors themes, because they fit a theme but aren't very obvious at the same time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I know a couple who have the same initials, so they picked their son's name to have the same initials. I think it is cute.

    The only problem I see is that if you have a bunch of kids, you start to get a bit limited on your name selection. And if you are picky (like me), this could start to get too restrictive.

    Oh...and I don't like rhyming names like Harry, Barry and Larry, I think that is just too silly.

    I do like the nature and color themes. You could try birds as well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, I like them:

    Also gemstones: Ruby, Opal, Pearl, etc.

    Especially love flower ones: Rose, Heather, Camillia, Ivy, Pansy, Jasmine, Lavender, etc.

    Joy to you!

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  • Hope
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I was entertained as I have met 2 families with 5 kids each. One family was all J's and the other, all T's

    Jerry, Joya, Janet, Jean & Jamie

    Travis, Troy, Ty, Taryn & Trent

    My daughter is using a theme of bird-names for each middle name.

    Source(s): Friends and Family
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  • 1 decade ago

    I love the colors theme.

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  • kel
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    My children are:

    Kaden Jermaine

    Kiana Jamaya

    Kaliyah Jkiah

    Keelan Jamar I am all for the same letters lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think the 'colours' ones are really pretty

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