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我好容易臉紅,紅起上來唔係普通的紅,係超紅,耳仔都會紅埋。只要我在好多人面前講緊野果時諗起我臉紅的話d人會點睇我,或者想自己唔好臉紅果時我就會臉紅,我係控制唔到我唔諗,係突然會諗起以上果d野。同埋我一同d女仔接觸就又係會臉紅。究竟點解會咁?有咩方法可以唔成日臉紅可以好像平常人咁? 最好係曾經係咁而解決左的人答我 唔該!! 真係好樣衰

me is 男


各位可唔可以講中文 我睇唔明...

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    Your is called very mild social anxiety.

    Heigthen awareness of how people eveluate your preformance, your appearance, and social behaviour.

    Because you are using a lot of cogntive resource/attention to evaluate yourself in the presence of others, your behaviour will be unnatural, this will impede your smoothness of your social interaction. Also, when you self-evaluate, you will feel anxious and uneasy so your sympathetic nervous system will be very active, heart pounding, red faces etc.. When you have these physical symptoms, ignore them, they will gradually reduce if you don't pay attention to them.

    Learn relaxation skills and deep abdomenal breathing, and try to focus externally to the environment instead on yourself. In the presence of strangers or girls, you should pay attention to their behaviour, facial expression, and guess their social intention - you should evaluate them rather than yourself. Better to find a female family member or close friend (which you don't like) to let you really stare at their face to practice, it will help you to get used to looking at female faces and be natural.

    You will gradually improve. Good Luck.

    Happy Easter!

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    學習放鬆技巧和深刻的腹部呼吸,把注意力放在外部環境,而不是自己。在場的陌生人或女孩,你要注意他們的行為,表情,並猜測他們的社交意圖-你應該評估陌生人或女孩(他們),而不是評估自己。找到一個更好的女性家庭成員或親密的朋友(這你不喜歡的) ,讓你真的盯著他們面對的做法,會幫助您唔成日臉紅,很自然。

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    i have experienced on this before...

    let share my experiences with you...

    before this i was a shy guy as you...

    --> shy / not confident / passive /

    after that i forced myself to be man...

    --> share my opinions with ppl, make a decision by myself...

    --> being confident for everything... (sometime u will b troubled but juz learn from mistake)

    --> besides, i have done a lot of exercise also...(basketball / swimming / gym) build up myself...

    --> try talking to the gals...once time longer u wont be shy anymore...

    hope it helps you man...

    pls keep in mind...

    'we r the man, we can do anything'

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