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拜託幫我翻譯2段中文 [中翻英]20點






早上8點在school cafeteria.Don和Pete吵鬧的進來.打擾到正在寫作寫的Beth.Beth要他們安靜.Don感到很抱歉.Pete問他怎麼了.喝完果汁的Carla回答他.Beth早上6點就起床了為了寫歷史作業.這時Pete才發現他還沒寫.Pete要Beth借他.但是Beth認為他不應該抄別人的作業.這樣會他們才不會被帶校長室.Pete又轉向Don借.Don認為Beth是對的.他自己就曾因為抄作業而惹上麻煩.Pete覺得他們不是朋友.所以他打算去向Tony借.

在teacher's lounge Mr.Dodd大叫 Ms.Eisnor和Ms.Cray靠過來看看發生了什麼事 有一個學生抄了別人的作業 作業上到處都有改過的痕跡 以為這樣老師就不會發現 不過他犯了個好笑的錯誤 像是applaud拼成APLAUD.calendar拼成CALANDER還有lafayette的Y兩個人都寫成了G 那個犯人就是Pete他是重Tony那抄來的 這讓Mr.Dodd既生氣又失望 雖然他不想這麼做但他還是會報告到校長室的因為這就是校規

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    Don and Pete came in school cafeteria with a loud noise at 8:00 a.m. That bothered Beth who was working on her writing. Beth asked them to be quiet. Don was very sorry. Pete asked him what happened. After drinking juice, Carla answered him that Beth woke up at 6:00 a.m. to write her history homework.

    At that time Pete found out that he didn’t finish his, either. Pete wanted to borrow Beth’s, but she did not think he should copy homework from someone else. Therefore, they would not be brought to their Principal's Office. Pete turned to Don. Don thought Beth was right, because he himself had gotten into trouble by copying homework. Pete felt that they were not friends, so he intended to borrow from Tony.

    Mr. Dodd shouted in Teacher's lounge and Ms. Eisnor and Ms. Cray came by to see what had happened. A student copied someone else's homework and there were many remarks on the homework. He thought Teacher wouldn’t find out, but he still made funny mistakes, like misspelling applaud as APLAUD, calendar as CALANDER, and y becoming g in lafayette on both students’ homework.

    The guilty one was Pete who copied from Tony. It really made Mr.Dodd angry and disappointed. Although he did not want to report to the Principal's Office, he had to do so because that’s one of the rules of school.

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    8:00 am at school cafeteria.Don come in loud and Pete. Bother to write Beth.Beth are writing they want quiet. Don was very sorry. Pete asked him how he had. Drinking the juice of Carla answered him. Beth am 6:00 Writing on the history in order to get the homework. At this time Pete was not only to find him. Pete borrow him to Beth. But Beth does not think he should take other people's homework. This would not be with their President's Office. Pete turned to Don by . Don think Beth is right.抄作业because he himself and get into trouble. Pete feel that they are not friends. so he intends to borrow the whereabouts of Tony.

    Teacher's lounge Mr.Dodd at Ms.Eisnor and Shouted Ms.Cray come by to see what had happened a student has copied someone else's homework homework on the signs are everywhere that such a turn on the Teacher but he will not be found guilty of like a funny error APLAUD.calendar spell applaud spell lafayette the Y have CALANDER people have written in both the G that is Pete prisoners are re-Tony that he copied this so that both angry and disappointed Mr.Dodd Although he do not want to do but he will report to the President's Office This is because the School Rules

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