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這是期中考的報告 真的不想被當

所以 麻煩大家的幫忙囉 真的很謝謝

但 不可以用翻譯軟體翻哦 因為翻出來的句子會很奇怪

下面是要翻譯的文章 謝謝囉!︿︿



青少年是人生中一個非常獨特的時期,充滿著成長的喜悅,卻又令父母和老師十分頭痛,因為他/ 她們會常常做出令大人不明白的行為,例如喜怒無常或 講粗口或抽煙或 打架。既反叛又自我,處處跟父母或老師作對。但青少年卻又是社會未來的主人翁,所以,我們必須與他們溝通和相處,協助他們過渡這個「風暴」、「困惑」、「反叛」時期。

九十年代,有許多的父母忙於工作、忽略自己的小孩,也就造成親子時間愈來愈少,父母和子女之間的關係也就愈來淡薄,很多的青少年認為父母不了解自己,有困難和問題的時候,只會找朋友解決、分享,而不會向父母透露。 所以如何和青少年保持親密感是一件很重要的事情。

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    The development of juvenile physiology is quickly, for example,

    young boy begins with the moustache, and young girl feels chest

    bloated .

    In addition, reproductive organs will have the ability to produce.

    Young girl has the arrival of period, and young boy begins to have

    appearances of ejaculating and nocturnal emission.

    Male and female hormone also increase due to difference of sex.

    Physiological organ and skeleton grow up maturely.

    Teenager is a very unique period in life, because it not only

    includes happiness of growing up, but also makes troubles to parents and teachers.

    Adults often can not clearly understand the meaning of teenagers '

    behaviors, such as moodiness, coarse language, smoking or fighting.

    They are opposed to parents or the teachers with emotional revolt and ego.

    However, teenagers are future masters of the society. We have to

    communicate and get along with them, and help them ride out this

    storming, puzzling and repulsive period.

    In the 1990s, a lot of parents were busy at work, and neglect their


    It causes less and less chance to interact with each other,

    and the relationship between parents and children becomes cold.

    Many teenagers don not think their parents understand them, and thy

    usually ask friends for help or share difficulty and problem, instead

    of appealing to parents.

    Therefore, how to keep intimate with juveniles is an important issue.

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    Teenagers physiological development of issue very fast, for example little man begin long moustache, young girl chest swell at the beginning. In addition, the genitals will have fecundity, the young girl will have the arrival of period, lacking men begins to have ejaculating and appearance of nocturnal emissions, men and women congratulate and cheat and increase because of sex. Physiological organ and skeleton are growing up until ripe stage.

    Teenagers are a very unique period in life, full of happinesses of growing up, but make parents and teacher have a headache very much, because he / they will often make the behavior that make the adult not understand, for example capricious or talk thickly the mouth or smoke or fight. Revolt as well as oneself, oppose with parents or teacher everywhere. But but teenagers are future masters of the society, so, we must communicate and get along with them, transition it assist they this piece ' storm ', it is the ' puzzled ', ' revolt ' period.

    In the 1990s, a lot of parents were busy working, neglecting one's own child, cause, kiss the period of the day from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. lack more and more, parents and relation of children come on thin just just, a lot of teenagers do not think parents find out about oneself, while having difficulty and question, will only let friends solve, share, but will not reveal to parents. So how keep intimate sense one important thing very by teenagers.

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    Physiological development of young people very quickly, such as boys and begin a long beard, start chest swell girl. In addition, the reproductive organs will have fertility, menstruation has the advent of girls, boys began to have nocturnal emissions ejaculation and the emergence of male and female hormones also increase because of their sex. Physiological growth of organs and bones are to mature stage.

    Young People in life are a very unique time, a growing book of pleasure, but to make a big headache for parents and teachers, because he / they will usually make the adults do not understand, such as moody or foul language or talk about smoking or fighting. Both the rebel and self-, all with their parents or teachers against. But the teenagers they are the future masters of society, therefore, we need to communicate and get along with them to help them transition to this "crisis," "confused," "rebellious" period.

    Nineties, there is a lot of parents are too busy in the work of the neglect of their own children, will result in fewer and fewer parent-child time, parents and children will be growing the relationship between the weak, of a lot of teenagers think their parents do not understand, there is difficulties and problems, the only solution to find friends, share, and will not be disclosed to parents. So how to maintain intimacy and teenagers are a very important issue.

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