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I know that this mail will come to you by surprise as we never met

before, i got your impressive information on the Internet while

searching for reliable foreign partner. I am the manager auditing and

accounting at foreign account department in (BOA)bank of Africa,

here in Burkina Faso , in my department I discovered an abandoned

sun of ($12.2 millionUSD ) in an account that belongs to one of our

foreign costumer, who unfortunately died in air clash, and since his

death our bank has been expecting his relatives to come for his

account balance, but we learnt that his supposed next of kin died

alongside with him in the air clash living no body for this claim and

our bank laws stipulate that is such money remain unclaimed for long

period it will be transferred to the bank treasury as unclaimed fund,

the costumer was a foreigner so no body from my country can stand for

this claim as his next of kin so that is the reason why I contacted

you so that our bank will release the fund on your favour, note that

you shall have 40% of this fund if you agree to use your account for

this fund transfer, I will send to you application form for the fund

approval and more detail about the transaction. Immediately I receive

your following information. Your full names, country, age,

occupation and phone number for easy communication.

Yours sincerely.

Mr Boly Ummah

內容大概是說有個無親無戚的人掛掉了 然後一筆錢在他們銀行

然後說我可以領百分之40的錢 叫我跟他連絡~~他會繼表格之類的給我填~~ (英文不是很好)

看的出來這是一個詐騙~~ (最好沒事有一筆錢給我啦) 但不知道他能怎樣騙我~~


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    Source(s): 自己,我有開一個””滾吧~詐騙集團””及”'保險公司的剋星””歡迎加入
  • 你理會他就會被他用言語欺騙你。

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