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The start of a new year is a good time to take stock ,and there are few better indicators of our long –term economic prospects –and also our prospects for political and social peace – than productivity .... The good news is that productivity has been growing strongly ; the bad news is that it may bemoving to a much slower psth .... Labor productivity is measured as out put per hour worked . Whatever enables people to produce more in a given time (machinery,skill.organization) boosts productivity.

That in turn raises our incomes- or gives us more leisure. It also promotes domestic tranquility by muffling the competition between government and personal spending. Slow productivity growth virtually ensures a collision betweenthe heavy costs of retiring baby boomers-mostly for Social Security and Medicare –and younger workers’ living standards . Higher taxes will bite deeply into sluggish incomes .The reason : What seemto be tiny productivity shifts have huge cosequences.

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    開始了新的一年將是一個很好的時間來評估,而且有更好的指標數,我們的長期經濟前景和我們的前景也為政治和社會和平-比生產力....好消息是,生產力已經越來越強烈;壞消息是,它可能bemoving一個慢得多psth ....勞動生產率是衡量輸出每工作小時。無論使人們產生更多的在特定時間(機械, skill.organization )促進了生產力。

    這反過來又引起了我們的收入,或給我們更多的閒暇。它還促進國內安寧的消聲之間的競爭,政府和個人支出。緩慢的生產率增長幾乎保證了碰撞betweenthe付出沉重的代價退休的嬰兒潮,主要用於社會保障和醫療保險,和年輕的工人的生活水平。較高的稅收將咬深入呆滯的收入。理由:什麼seemto很小的變化產生巨大的生產力cosequences 。

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