What makes a girl think a guy is hot?

I mean what makes the difference between ugly, cute, and hot. Is there even a difference between cute and hot.

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    1 decade ago
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    his confidence, his intelligence, his body, how well he takes care of himself, his smile, his kindness, his attentiveness, his eyes, his sexy legs, his butt, his nice chest...mmmm....chest...:)

    Cute = he's in my range and I feel like I could possible get him to date me...maybe timid and shy, maybe kind and gentle and she can percieve that. He has a loving nature

    Hot: out of my range...I may never get his attention, but man I want him so bad...and I want him now!

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    1 decade ago

    it really depends on the girl. I personally like tall guys, w/ abs of course, and dark hair. Nice eyes and a great smile help 2. I can tell you that it does have a lot to do w/ ur hair.

    There's a big difference between a guy w/ confidence and a guy who's egotistical. One thing that can make a guy more attractive is confidence, but a lot of girls also like shy guys.

    There was a show on a couple days ago that was about that stuff. It said how girls are attracted to guys who they feel safe around and who can prtect and take care of them.

    and once again it depends on the girl. I think there's a HUGE difference between hot and cute. I would, however, date either. But remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can only speak from my point of veiw. I know from experience that different girls are attracted to different guys. I've dated guys that my friends thought weren't that great looking and my friends have dated guys that i didn't think very highly of.

    hope that explains a little

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  • 4 years ago

    In my personal opinion looks isn't all that makes a person hot, I look further than outer appearance b/c all the time a pretty face and body is just a cover up for a very ugly person. As far as us "hiding behind an avatar"... well I'll speak for myself since I answered your question you are talking about...I dont need to hide my appearance but I prefer not to post a pic just b/c that's what I wanna do. I could care less how someone feels about my looks, I know I'm a beautiful person not b/c of how I look b/c of what kind of person I am on the inside. Anyone that really wants to know how I look can know but they wont find out by me posting a pic on Y!A....So no need for me to hide. I would never ask a question like that about how I look and stuff b/c I already know and it dont matter what others think cuz I never got any complaints b/for and hubby loves it so just thought I would let that out since you think some of us are "hiding" well not me.

  • well obviously theres a difference between ugly and cute/hot!

    cute is more.. pleasant features, a bit more innocent

    hot is more.. distinct features, something more different and mysterious

    when u see a cute guy, u go "aww he's good lookin"

    hot guy: "oh DAM."

    just think about it as in cute girl or hot girl. cute girl is girl next door, hot girl is the bikini model xD

    hope i helped? i know it was a bit confusing (:

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  • 1 decade ago

    His unique and appealing confidence, witty intelligence and sense of humour, how he values her and respects her in every way possible and being intriguing and mysterious is what makes a girl think a guy is hot most of the time.

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    1 decade ago

    Hot is mainly just body and look wise, cute is more based on personality and sometimes looks, ugly is just based on looks.

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    Money and Fake Appearance (of success)

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    1 decade ago

    Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder. we like different qualities in people

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    not really....hot is like 'dang id like to bang him/her"

    cute is like 'awww hes/shes so cute''

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    1 decade ago

    Babe its all about preference!!!!!!! some like tall some like short some like big some like small some like clean some like dirty.... etcccc!! what u think is ugly i mite think is damn fine.. thats all ..PREFERENCE!!! :-)

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