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MP asked in Beauty & StyleMakeup · 1 decade ago

Should I buy Covergirl Mineral Make-Up or Bare Minerals?

I've been wanting to try Bare Minerals for years, but can't bring myself to spend the money. Now I see that CoverGirl has a Mineral Make-up product, and they are my usual make-up brand. I want to try the CoverGirl stuff, but it's $11 dollars for the foundation. If I'm going to spend $11 should I just spend double that and try Bare Minerals?

Has anyone used both products and can make a comparison?

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    bare minerals it is far better for your skin and the nice thing is if you can get to a sephora store or bare minerals boutique you can try it out before you buy it and if you don't like it you can bring it back and get a full refund. Not to mention bare minerals has tons more options also FYI one person made a comment with QVC I wouldn't go with them as you need a credit card and you get locked into paying,this happened to a friend of mine and caused her a lot of frustration in getting it worked out. If you go to the actual bare minerals website they have a payment system/club that they offer as well and this way you are buying directly from bare minerals not from QVC. But you best bet is still going into either Ulta cosmetics store,sephora or the bare minerals boutique to try it on not to mention they have easier returns as well.

    Source(s): i have been using bare minerals for years and swear by it
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    5 years ago

    Covergirl Mineral Makeup

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    The reason it was orange is because you were mixing chemicals. You already had on covergirl then applied bare minerals on top of that that is where the orange color came from. Bare minerals is made to work on its own-- its healthy for the skin and it allows the skin to breathe, using another source of makeup isnt doing your face any good if your planning to use bare minerals. You gonna have to either stick to covergirl or get rid of covergirl and use strickly bare minerals.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi! I am a makeup artist of 10 years in the Chicago area and I can tell you from experience, I have used Bare Escentuals in the past and I have derived a list of pros and cons for you.


    -it covers fairly well

    -hides blemishes fairly well (although it is quite shiny which can accentuate blemishes)

    -is more natural than drugstore/mainstream brands of foundation


    -it is not as natural as they say, they say no preservatives but if you flip over the mineral veil, it has the worst preservatives out there, paraben preservatives that have links to cancers

    -it looks very greasy on oily skin (almost like your face is sweating) this can be a problem for those who have acne as shine acentuates blemishes

    -it can slide off during the day and needs to be reapplied frequently

    -they use a mineral that is well known to have a very high allergy rating, it is called bismuth oxychloride and has a cult like following of those who experience, rash, acne and irritation from it.

    DRUGSTORE BRANDS- I always recommend to completley stay away from all drugstore brands as they are loaded with chemicals, fillers, irritating ingredients, that not only lok cheap, orangey and weird but also can wreak havoc on your skin causing breakouts, and oily/dry skin patches

    The best I have used, going for purity,long lasting, good coverage, good for your skin, health and enviroment is faerie organics minerals. They are more affordable than BE and are a far superior product with better coverage and finish. They also provide free sample kits so even those with a tight budget can try them out first. Their website is

    Source(s): professional makeup artist-10years skincare specialist
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  • 1 decade ago

    i have the maybelline new york mineral foundation its about $10 and i love it. it works wonders for me, so i wouldnt even dream of spending twice as much for something that i think would do the same thing..its really your choice..if you want to spend less money try covergirl (or maybelline) and see if you like it...if you dont want to chance not liking it then go with the bare minerals.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have tried the covergirl mineral make up and really dont like it.

    I use bare minerals atm and i think it is my fave make up i have ever tried....and i have tried quite a few because i am a make up artist.

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Bare Eccentials make-up you are able to sleep in the stuff.

    But if I were you go to and look under beauty, they have kits that you can buy on line and have the payments broken up, also with the kits you get the brushes and if you don't like you can return.

  • 1 decade ago

    bare minerals I personaly dont like cover girl

  • 1 decade ago

    bare minerals.

    it wont clog your pores and would look chalky or too powdery

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