how to deal with memories of ex.?

i'm 16. how do you deal with memories of your ex, who now likes another girl, younger than you -_-, and you really can't get over him. he's not the nicest guy but he was my first bf, and when he was not in a bad mood or w/e he was a fantastic guy. the new girl is a very fake biotch (sry, i'm being biased) who thinks she's really adorable and shiz. i get angry over that because my major peeve is fake people. and he fell for her. do you guys deal with a hopeless situation like this?


wow sammi, i hope you feel better :/ just sucks... -_-

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  • 1 decade ago
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    wow. almost same situation here.. just age differences.. i'm 15, he's 16, he went on vacay with his showchoir, now he's with a senior, she was on the cruise with them... yea.. um. we broke up two months ago and i'm still stuck. i don't know if you're into the whole God thing, i am, so i'm just putting all my trust in Him to make things better, i know that i am not getting over him until i get a new boy, but i'm not trying like really hard to get a new boy, if someone shows up and rocks my world, then it'll work... you just have to be okay with being single, and watching him be with her. it sucks, i know. look. if it was meant to be then it'll be, but the fact that he moved on, he moved on ya know? he's over you. i'm trying to take my own advice right now, and it's really hard. it's like swallowing a really really big anti-depressant... but we can get through this. the whole memories thing.. cherish them. you did fun stuff, you had a good time, and you loved it, but don't hate them, don't forget them, they were a good point in your life. if you want to hate or hide or forget anything, forget the breakup part. ya know? hope i helped... probably didnt, but at least it's an answer...

    Source(s): going though it too.
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