Are there any drills that i can do on my own to become a better forward?

I'm 16, a sophmore in high school and short. I'm not really big on my upper body strength. i have good forearms but my biceps and triceps are small, and so are my wrist. abs pretty good and pecs are descent. Im 5'6" so im shorter than people of my normal age (and my height is what costs me a starting position). My ball skills are good, i can think on my feet pretty quickly but sometimes im off my game and i suck when i am. I play forward and my shots are more like a lob but every now and then i can hit a pretty strong shot.

well now ive pretty much bored you to death about myself, heres the real question. I need some drills i can do to:

1) get faster

2) get strong (upper body)

3) get stronger shots

4) and if anyone has any tips on how to get taller? its tough cuz of my age and i have nothing i can do to help. (i eat pretty well and i get alot of sleep, and try and keep growth pills out of the question lol plz)

i just need some help

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    To do all these things, you need to spend as much time at the gym as you spend in training. Professional football players train their upper body because football is just like any other contact sport and there tends to be struggling the ball. I would look at how Leo Messi is since you have his type. I would work on the lats because the bigger lats, the faster and more exposive you are (look at c. ronaldo, huge lat muscles)..dont worry about biceps unless you want to make your arms look good but work more on your triceps. Also, work heavily on your abs as having strong abs will make you faster because you will be able to push more force as your abs connect the upper body to lower body which is why its called the core--the center. The abs will make your upper body and lower body work as one. When you run, you use all of your muscles in the body, this is why its important to do a FULL body workout not just legs because if u can squat 500 lbs and bench 80lbs, you will not be able to support those strong legs and therefore will slow you down. Basically, all you have to do is lat pulldown, bench press, and squat. You sound like a skinny guy but anybody can shoot hard regardless of how they look I think its because you don't have proper technique. Go on youtube they show you the correct technique for everything.

    BTW, always aim for 15 reps because you want to build strong solid muscle not just bulk.

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    Hey, I'm 16 and a half and I made Varsity freshman year as a starting forward.. so i'll see if i can help :] The way I've gotton better is by always having a ball at my feet and juggling (if u can) as much as possible. I would always go outside and set up cones in a straight line about 2 feet in length apart and try to zig zag threw them all as fast as possible but take ur time at first and concentrate! Other things that helped me come out at the top were not eatting any junk food like soda or candy or anything like that that slow you down in stamina.. I also lift weights and try my very hardest and i'm also on a club team outside of school to help me even more. and for the shooting.. just go to a park or open field where a net and goal are there and try shooting or even kick the ball against the wall. lots of things can help. hope i helped you out a little bit! :] p.s. I first learned how to dribble so well when I was alot younger by dribbling around trees in circles all around the yard ;] it really did help.

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    if your in shape, then to get faster would to do a lot of sprinting. but if your out of shape then go jogging for a few weeks then do sprints. to get stronger hit the gym, but ur height has a lot to do with it also. and stronger s hots just work on where ur hitting the ball on your foot. work on driving the ball and j ust keep practicing. and ur not gona get much taller w/out growth pills sorry haaha

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    I would tend to think that at 16 you may be reaching you height potential - but that is not a definite. You usually don't stop the growth for height until you are about 18. If you remain a player of smaller stature, I would concentrate of developing your abilities as a winger or outside midfielder (right or left half) on the reasoning that, if you are of smaller build, it is no use trying to compete with centrebacks who are usually chosen for the height as much as their football skills. If your shots tend to be 'lobs' being in a wing position means you can turn them into' crosses' - or 'assists', as it seems to be termed in the USA. As for upper body strength, that will start to come as you get older. In normal situations, we don't actually reach our full shoulder width until we are well into our twenties. Some gym work may, of course, help.

    If you are already a fairly skilful player, your next best asset to develop is speed. If you are playing full games, you will naturally build up stamina to keep running for a full game - that is fine. But what usually makes the top strikers stand out (ie. Fernando Torres, Stephen Gerrard, Wayne Rooney) Is extreme speed over a short distance. ie. If you concentrate on being able to cover a 10 metre sprint faster than most defenders, it will give you the speed to get around most of them. Remember, the beating of the player is actually in the first 5 metres!

    Ask yourself... how many times do I have to sprint the full length of a pitch at top speed all the way? answer... not very often, if ever! Then ask... how many times do I have to sprint a very short distance to go for a ball pushed past a defender? answer.... all the time!

    If you develop extreme speed over short distances, it gets you clear of defenders and gives you room to get in a cross.

    As a practice drill to develop speed, do sprints from the goal line to the edge of the penalty box (approx 15 metres) and time yourself! Aim to cover the first 10 metres as quickly as possible. Keep trying to lower your time. Then do 'one on one' sprints with other players in your team as competitions. Aim to get ahead of them in the first four strides and then hold them off.

    As for stronger shots... concentrate on hitting 'through' the ball ensuring the ball comes off the top of your foot - for power.(not the side or the toe) Don't stab at it. (Hit through it and follow through with your leg) To keep it down, keep your knee forward of the ball as you hit it and plant you non-striking foot level with the ball. (to stop it 'lobbing') Again, line up a row of balls across the penalty area and just hit them as hard as you can. The more you do this the more fluid your 'strike' should get as your timing improves. (practice with both feet!) The top players develop power - and perfect their timing - simply by hitting as many shots as they can. for a bit of extra fun... find a goal keeper who wants a bit of shot practice. If you are a striker, do this for at least fifteen minutes (or more) at every practice. Even if it means staying on later or arriving earlier than everyone else.

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