Why does Hollywood keep disrespecting Hispanics?

I've noticed that Hollywood disrespects Hispanics and their culture. Why do you think Hollywood has that attitude?

According to the Census data, Hispanics are the second most numerous ethnic group in the US; more numerous that African American. About 14% of the US population is Hispanic. It is also the fastest growing group in the US.

They were either portrayed as maids, gang members, crying mothers or prostitutes and criminals. Some of the "Latinos" are so white that they don't even look Latino (Cameron Diaz). Many have changed their Latin names because it's easier to make it in Hollywood that way.

While they are trying very hard to represent African Americans and Asian Americans in their movies, it almost seems that Hollywood movie houses are trying to completely ignore Latino people and culture. They will give enough crumbs to avoid any questions from the Latin community.

Because of this false image that Hollywood portraying in their movies, when foreigners come to this country, they ask, "Where are all the "American" people?" This is America honey, sorry that you've been lied to by Hollywood!

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    You mean like Antonio Banderas, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Carlos Santana, Ricardo Montalban, Desi Arnaz, Freddie Prinze, Andy Garcia, Raúl Juliá, José Ferrer, Benicio del Toro. Rosie Perez, Eva Mendes, Jimmy Smits, Iris Chacon, Rita Moreno, George Lopez, Elizabeth Pena, Eva Longoria, Anthony Quinn, Edward James Olmos, Selma Hayek, Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana, Daphne Zuniga...?


    Many of these have been A-listers, easily recognized in the US and abroad.

    They have played roles that were "mainstream" and also roles in which they were openly Latino-American. THey have been teachers, cops, detectives, people on their way up, on their way down, nurses, doctors, priests, soldiers.

    Some Asian stars have had the advantage of becoming stars through Asian movie distribution before entering the US market. Even with that I don't think Hispanics have been shunted aside in favor of Blacks and Asians.

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    Part of it is just perpetuated stereotypes. All hispanic people are gangsters/maids/prostitutes for the same reasons that all arabs are terrorists or crazy sheiks... because hollywood by nature doesn't challenge stereotypes, it feeds off of them.

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    Even though i'm not Hispanic, i have to agree with you on this one too. Oh and you know what? Hollywood sucks. Its all plastic, fake and just one mean money-making industry.

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