did red hot chili pepper cover sweet home alabama?

which album is this from?

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    Only live, they did not record it however many covers have been recorded.... and here they are!

    A few cover versions have appeared, notably a slowed-down rock version by Big Head Todd and the Monsters, as well as a more faithful version by the Charlie Daniels Band and an altered version by the country group Alabama (who changed the lyrics involving the Watergate scandal with a verse talking about Alabama football). This rendition was included on the 1994 tribute album Skynyrd Frynds.

    Other covers include:

    -Spanish band Siniestro Total did a popular cover of this song called "Miña terra galega", in a reference to their homeland Galicia.

    -British Nazi punk/Rock Against Communism band Skrewdriver has covered this song on their fifth album After the Fire.

    -Hank Williams, Jr. performs this song on his 1987 live album, Hank Live.

    -Argentine band Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota (a.k.a. Redonditos de Ricota or Los Redondos) play a song titled "Caña Seca y un Membrillo", which has a big likeness to "Sweet Home Alabama".

    -Jewel recorded a cover version of the song for the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

    -Killdozer covers the song on the Touch and Go Records compilation God's Favorite Dog.

    -In 2005, Universal Recording artists Boyz After Money Always (B.A.M.A.) recorded a rap remake to the classic rock song. B.A.M.A.'s version reached #16 on the billboard hip-hop singles chart and went on to sell over 150,000 ringtones.

    -Canadian jam band The Clumsy Lovers included a version on their CD Under the Covers.

    -The University of Alabama's Million Dollar Band plays it as an unofficial fight song for the Crimson Tide.

    -Kid Rock's 2008 song "All Summer Long" "samples" "Sweet Home Alabama" on the chorus and uses the guitar solo and piano outro; Billy Powell is featured on the track. "All Summer Long" also samples Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London", which has similar chord progression to "Sweet Home Alabama". Since Kid Rock's release, the original song has charted in the UK charts at number 44.

    -ApologetiX did a parody titled Sweet Oholibamah on their album Adam Up.

    -The Geto Boys borrow the guitar riff on a version of their notorious "Gangster of Love".

    -Menachem Herman, a Jewish performer based in Israel, produced a cover called "Sweet Home Jerusalem".

    -Argentinian songwriter-singer Charly García produced a cover called "Sweet Home Buenos Aires".

    -Enrique & Joe from WRTO-FM made a parody of the song titled "Sweet Home Hialeah".

    -"Weird Al" Yankovic did a cover of the song in one of his concerts

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    fifty two & 40-one are the comparable...I deserve maximum suitable answer for finding out on that up haha. #50 is in my good 10 songs. i'm no longer disciplined adequate to have a great a hundred, yet I enjoyed examining your record.

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    It's from a live show.. during One Hot Minute. It is just a bootleg.

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