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I'm 7 weeks pregnant and flying to florida to visit family and take my son to disney for his 5th birthday.?

Is it ok to fly at the stage in pregnancy

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    According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, air travel is usually safe for most pregnant women. However, it is good practice to consult with your physician before taking off into the wild blue yonder. As long as a woman is in good health and there are no medical complications such as spotting, diabetes, high blood pressure or a history of early delivery, most airlines are open to taking a pregnant woman on board.

    As Long As There Are No Health Problems, You're Clear For Take-Off :)

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    Yes seven weeks is fine. The cut off for most airlines is 34 weeks gestation and six weeks postpartum.

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    I would check with your doctor first. But usually 7 weeks is ok~~

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    yes it is fine. my partner and i flew twice, 9 weeks and 21 weeks. it is not till about 30 weeks as atmospheric pressure can take effect on the placenta wall and cause water to break.

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    to be honest you should really wait until your at least 12weeks

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    UMMM i wouldn't say its the best, but its best for you to decide

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