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Vast Aire or Vordul Mega?

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    Vast Aire is better than 98% of the rappers out there.

    Vordul Mega is better than 97.9% of the rappers out there.

    i gotta say VA > VM. but CanOx is massacre. they pwn noobs.

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    hmmm I don't think there is much of a question here. Vordul was very dope on Cold Vein, and maybe a few random tracks, but his solo ish is not so great, and he gets outshined by Vast on nearly every song. Vast is just too dope, and has the solo material and features and versatility to back it up. word.

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  • Vast Aire is one of my favorite emcees. No doubt maybe one of my top.

    Also Cannibal Ox is one of my favorite groups of all time.

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    i've gotta give it to Vast. although both are incredibly dope

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