Why do we learn white history, instead of American history in the USA?

American history would mean, anyone and any race that made history in the United States of America


I know personally i'd like to know more about Native American history and Black American history taught in schools

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you are RACIST

Why don't you got to Europe??

Black history is in America as well as Africa

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i graduated a long time ago

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    1 decade ago
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    Because the white elite is in control of this society and everyone follows them like unquestioning sheep. Native Americans and whites clashed and yet the Native Americans side isn't told. Blacks and whites clashed but the blacks' story isn't told except the portions that can show "non-violence," "integration," etc...stuff the white elite feel isn't dangerous...except when people like Dr. King are still alive. The story of women's struggles aren't told except for a handful of activists who got females the right to vote. The story of how the Latinos and Latinas were formed in America isn't told.

    Every race fought in the Civil War, the World Wars, etc. Why isn't their tales told? America also had relations with Africa during the time of Marcus Garvey...not a little insignificant event but a massive organization by Garvey took place yet it is merely a paragraph or a day's lesson in most schools. Why's that?

    Let me explain why. The white elite has never been truly threatened except during the times when members of the "minority" groups, the poor white class, the women and others were united against them. That's why they created the Split Labor Market formula...separations include:

    1. Black men v. Black women

    2. Rich blacks / middle class v. poor blacks

    3. Hispanics v. Blacks

    4. Northern blacks v. Southern blacks

    5. American blacks v. island blacks v. African blacks

    6. Poor whites v. "minorities"

    7. Light-skinned blacks v. Dark-skinned blacks

    8. Light-skinned Indians, Hispanics, Asians v. Dark-skinned Indians, Hispanics, Asians

    9. "Intelligent" minorities v. jocks

    And so on. The CEOs also threatened the hidden elite, but there was no way they could be allowed to exist because they were working with the white elite in order to take their throne. However now that the CEOs power is being eroded, the hidden elite has few challengers. THAT'S why suppressing history is so important to them. If we don't know our history we'll have: low self esteem, disinterest in achieving higher goals, belief that intelligence is only for whites, disunity, infighting, betrayals, black flight, interracial relationship increase (not all, but most is due to history suppression...not all interracial relationships are evil but most is due to the white / light feelings of superiority or the dark person's feelings of inferiority)...and we'll never be united or achieve anything. A few people escape despite the suppression, that's why there are Micheal Jordans, Fantasias, Jennifer Hudsons, Ray Charles, Michelle / Barack Obamas, etc.

    I could go on, but the main reason that the white elite is suppressing history is because they're even more of a threat than the CEOs. They are the engineers of war for profit, the powers that prevent the NRA and the tobacco industry from dying natural deaths...

    If we don't know our history, we'll never know how Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama, Jackie Robinson and others overcame the hidden racism that's concealed in our society. Instead of fighting each other let's create schools where our history is being taught...that's what the poorer whites are doing...creating charter schools to escape the oppressive and failings of the elite public schools and ignoring the hand that is holding out vouchers--money that will be given but can easily be taken away whenever the elite begins to stir the pot of "lazy people who never work and need to be handed everything," "why should we pay for one paid for me", etc.

    Don't worry, the elite's claws are sliding from the throat of the American workers and I think the election of Barack / Michelle Obama is the first step to ending their supremacy and breaking the stranglehold of racial suppression, class suppression, gender suppression and the divisions among us. Let's learn our history with and without them and teach it to our kids.

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    5 years ago

    It depends on what kind of collapse...If it's a head on depression or just a hiccup of a recession. Either way, the Philippines (like any other nation) is heavily dependent on the United States. Look what happened when the apparent recession hit the Dow, when it fell, the pse fell...hard, up to now stocks couldn't recover because of all the internal and external factors. The external factors are heavily influenced by the states, for example, assuming it reaches a point of depression, it would cease importation of both goods and immigrants, thus we loose our biggest trading partner and one of the biggest sources of the remitances that now form a substantial part of the economy... I think we'd be heading nowhere so quickly we wouldn't even notice that our economy had already collapsed... I mean we haven't even recovered fully since the 1997 financial crisis...(I think) The U.S collapse would bring a collapse of the world economy... If the U.S economy would collapse...that is

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    Because America is a Western country.

    You have to go to college to learn about other races histories, it sucks that a person has to wait that long.

    Not many people go to college or even graduate. So, that's one reason why we have to have a Black, Woman's etc history month.

    Also, what's wrong with going to the library and checking books out about other's histories?

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    1 decade ago

    We learn American History, of which White people had the most profound influence, and we have special Black History, even a Black History month, Black Entertainment TV, and the list goes on and on. When are you people ever going to be satisfied? Why should Black History be taught? What have Blacks ever accomplished in America other than breaking the welfare system?

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    1 decade ago

    because we live in a White Man's world

    alot of white people denounce Black History month as divisive, and yet they cant name 3 African rulers or 3 African kingdoms, for that matter. Whereas they can easily name 3 European kings and 3 European kingdoms.

    And we're taught almost no Native American history at all unless it happens to intersect with the history of Whites.

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    1 decade ago

    White people are scared of our history because it induces "White Guilt" and makes them angry I guess. There aren't many things in US history that actually put "The White man" in a good light, and they (sadly) are still the majority.

    I had a kid from Zimbabwe in my class who knew more about American History than we learn in America! Our ignorance will be our eventual downfall.

    EDIT: the guy below me is right too, Asians did A LOT as well to build this country and never get credit, they built the railroads that expanded the country and allowed better trade and growth. Everyone has EQUALLY made this country what it is, white people have just MADE everyone do it, and that was their only real contribution.

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    WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT what are you talking about that stuff was always talked about in my school this year its american history i even learned about black history in language arts but that was only during february and we learned about asia last year

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    I think that America just needs to change their educational topics

    we learn more about African-American history here (in the UK) than they do in the USA :S

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    1 decade ago

    If you want to know something just read online, talk to your teachers, read a book, watch TV, or ask someone of Native descent.Oh my.I didn't learn everything from school I looked it up.You sound like a pure blooded liberal.

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    Yeah, I know I look through my book and realized that my teacher skipped African, Asian, and Middle Eastern Art. I wanted to ask why we studied white art all semester (French, Roman, Greek, German, etc.) They steady put white folks in the spotlight and let darkies be in the dark.

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