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is Alan Moore's novel Watchmen like the whole thing? or are there more like Sin City?

i just didn't know if the entire thing is in one book or if there are multiple installations

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    The one graphic novel is the whole thing.

  • hovard
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    3 years ago

    a million) V for Vendetta, The Ballad of Halo Jones, From Hell, Swamp element you could't particularly pass incorrect with something by skill of Alan Moore 2) The Invisibles, Hellblazer, Sandman, one hundred Bullets, The walking ineffective, Doktor Sleepless (one in each and every of my all time favorites), Transmetropolitan, Ghost worldwide, Y: The final guy there's a e book stated as 500 mandatory picture novels which lists 500 of the best-ever terrific comics, I even have it and it particularly is an exceedingly sturdy source.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    like, yeah.

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