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rb_500 asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Answers · 1 decade ago

how do i up my level here on yahoo?

im level 1, what do i have to do to get higher?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Begin participating on Yahoo! Answers → One Time: 100

    Ask a question → -5

    Choose a best answer for your question → 3

    No Best Answer was selected by voters on your question Points Returned → 5

    Answer a question → 2

    Deleting an answer → -2

    Log in to Yahoo! Answers → 1

    Vote for a best answer → 1

    Vote for No best answer → 0

    Have your answer selected as the best answer → 10

    Receive a "thumbs-up" rating on a best answer that you wrote (up to 50 thumbs-up are counted) → 1 per "thumbs-up"

    For people over level 4, they are able to answer and ask unlimited number of questions. In Level 5, people are able to vote 20 answers less than people in Level 6 and 7.

    As you gain up a level from 1 to another, you are able to ask 5 extra questions, vote 20 extra answers and answer 20 extra questions. You are able to make 10 extra comments.

    For rest of the levels except Level 1, people are able to star 100 times.

    Level 2 → 250-999 pts

    Level 3 → 1000-2499 pts

    Level 4 → 2500-4999 pts

    Level 5 → 5000-9999 pts

    Level 6 → 10000-24999 pts

    Level 7 → 25000+ pts

  • Level 2 starts at 250 points - you have 126 so you are just over halfway there!

    All levels can pick a best answer to questions they ask and can vote for best answer on others' undecided questions. Once you hit level 2 & get the ability to 'rate', the only difference in the levels is the daily limits on questions, answers, comments, votes, etc.

    Levels 2 and up can 'rate' the answers of other Y!A users. Rating = giving Thumbs Up & Down to express your opinion of other peoples' answers. No points are involved (unless a best answer has TUs, then they get 1 point for each TU up to 50) in rating, and thumbs do not determine the Best Answer selection.


    answer your limit of questions each day (2 points each)

    get an answer selected as best answer (10 points each)

    pick a best answer for your question (3 points)

    vote your limit of unresolved questions each day (1 point each)

    you also get a point a day for signing in

    each question costs 5 points, so ask sparingly


  • Pighi
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    You answer lots of questions! You get 1 point just for visiting yahoo answers and 2 for answering a question. 10 points if you get Best Answer. You need 250 points to get to level 2, 1000 points to get to level 3, 2500 points to get to level 4, 5000 points to level 5, 10000 points to get to level 6, and 25000 points to get to level 7! 7 is the highest level. You'll learn all of this (and more) when you get to level 2. Yahoo sends you an e-mail that has a chart of all the levels. So just answer questions and don't ask to many! It costs you 5 points to ask a question. I hope I helped!

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    ♠♣ Hi there, you need a minimum of 250 points to get to level 2, here is some information to read

    ♠ You get 1 point everyday to come to Yahoo! Answers

    ♠ You gain 2 points when you answer a question

    ♠ You gain 10 points when your answer is chosen as best answer

    ♠ You gain 3 points when you choose a best answer to your question

    ♠ You gain 1 point when you vote a best answer on an unresolved question

    ♣ You lose 5 points when you ask a question

    ♣ You lose 2 points when you delete an answer

    ♣ You lose 5 points when you delete your own asked question

    ♣♠ It is important and I would recommend that you read more about this information on here -;_ylt=...

    NB: The advantage that you get when you reach level 2 is that you can start thumbing up and down on different answers

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get 250 points

    [] Answering questions gets you 2 points a pop

    [] Getting best answers gets you 10 points plus the number of thumbs up's you have

    [] Voting for best answers gets you 1 point per vote

    [] Asking questions costs you 5 points so don't ask a lot!

    Hope I helped!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    -Answer to your daily limit (2 points per answer)

    -Vote to your daily limit (1 point per vote)

    -Log in every day (1 point per visit per day)

    -Resolve ALL of your open questions (3 points each)

    -Ensure that you're answers can be picked as best (10 points, plus up to fifty points for thumbs-ups)

    -Ask questions every once in a while. Many people have questions like this, so go look for them, and star them (asking costs you 5 points)

    This website should help you:;_ylt=...

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Answer question and log in every day and visit 2,1,1, points.

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