Lord of the Flies: Icing on a pink cake?

Can someone explain the quotation: icing on a pink cake on pg 22 or 27 depending on your book?

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    The colour pink features heavily in the book, especially in the pages following the quote you mention. There are many references to the pink rocks, slabs of pink granite, "white and pink dust", "hints of pink", "a pink tail", a "bold, pink bastion", all in the two or three subsequent pages. Earlier, the conch shell is described as "deep cream...with fading pink". Pink thumbs, lips are described as well as Piggy's fingers and complexion. The pigs they hunt are also pink.

    Golding is clearly making a feature of the colour pink. I have to admit that until I read your question, the repetition had escaped me, but now that I've read it again, it's strikingly obvious.

    Here's the quote you mention:

    "They found the end of the island, quite distinct, and not magicked out of shape or sense. There was a jumble of the usual squareness, with one great block sitting out in the lagoon. Sea birds were nesting there.

    'Like icing,' said Ralph, 'on a pink cake.' ”

    The most basic analysis is that the pink cake is a simile and that Ralph is trying to use the image of the icing and the cake to soften their extreme and harsh environment. He's probably hungry too!

    The boys' faces are pink, representing youth and innocence. Later in the book, they paint their faces with clay, mud and charcoal. They are losing their innocence as it becomes muddied and dirty along with their actions. Pink is a motif used to convey both the early innocence of the boys as well as (possibly) the natural state of the island. That is, by constant repetition of pink rocks, granite and boulders, Golding may be implying that it is not the island that corrupts the boys, but instead it is their own urge to violence, cruelty and darkness that directs the change.

    This is just my opinion. You can argue something different (or anything at all) if you can back it up.

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    Pink Cake Icing

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    I understand this now. Thanks.

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