What color should I use for my curtains?

So I am moving into my first apartment and there is a very dull green couch and a white table with tan-ish carpet. It is a very small place. What color curtains would accent the green enough, but make it more of an upbeat, energetic room? Also, the kitchen is connected and it has dark brown cabinets with a 70's theme.

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  • jidwg
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    1 decade ago
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    For privacy, hang roll-up bamboo shades and for daytime to keep the room light and airy hang sheer white curtains over the rolled-up shades....be sure they are full and long enough to puddle a bit on the floor otherwise white sheers can look sort of cheap on their own. The bamboo is a nod to the 70s style kitchen without making an issue of it. Plants near the windows also add life and energy to any room. Get a colorful throw to drape over the dull couch to minimize its impact.

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