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Do any of you wear pantyliners every day?

I was just curious if any of you women wear a pantyliner every day for vaginal discharge? If so what brand?

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    nope. i dont.

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    I'm the same age as you and I have this problem, too. Mine goes on all month long when I'm not on my period, though. I use a DivaCup (brand of menstrual cup) that can be used even when you aren't on your period. I use it to collect my discharge since it is inserted internally. It catches about 85% of the vaginal discharge that comes out because, unlike menstrual blood, vaginal discharge is secreted through the vaginal walls and not through the uterus so it is impossible to catch all of it - but it gets most of it. It's been working out for me for the past 5 months! If you're interested you can try a menstrual cup out. However, If you don't have any experience with tampons (big tampons!) then you'll have a difficult time inserting them. They also have no risk of TSS, are environmentally friendly, and protect you more than tampons when you're on your period. Best of luck!

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    I don't everyday, but when it's around time for my period I do. I use Kotex light days. They are awesome.

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    i do. every single day. i have tried alot of linners but the ones i really like are always liners long with their fresh scent. you should try them. they don't irritate me one bit and never make me feel wet.

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    i wear them when it is about a week or two before my period starts.:) i usually wear either kotex or carefree.:)

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