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Is there a job for a girl in my situation?

Okay so I'm home schooled and I have to have an at home job for various reasons. Is there a way to get money online with out a risk of identity theft or anything like that. I'm 17 and really need the money, but I can't leave the house to often. please help.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    there are numerous ways to earn money online, but most of them require certain registration fee. if you wish to earn without investing anything, then i will suggest you PTC sites, where u get money to click advertisements.................. i myself is earning respectable side income from them. all you have to do is register and start clicking advertisements right away.

    You might earn slow in the beginning but once u buy refferal packs from the money u've earned, it multiplies your earnings and speeds it up. and moreover its a totally genuine and scamfree way of earning.


    i signed up for many PTC sites, among which many were scams and did not bother to pay me any money. but the link below indicates a list of those sites, from which im actually earning, on regular basis:

    works for minors as well !! (NO AGE RESTRICTIONS)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no credit card ever needed, no sign-up fee

    get paid to read sponsor's emails, answer surveys, click on ads

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