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wat do u think of when u hear of the state mississippi?

So my class is going on a trip and there is a tshirt design contest! But i need some things that make up mississippi and I want more then like the magnolia! so can anyone tel me of what they think of when they hear MIssissippi? Please help! :) thanx

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    Of course the first thing I think of is the magnolia, but here are a few other things that can be found in Mississippi

    antebellum homes (plantations)


    mockingbird (state bird)

    Miss. State Bulldogs



    The River & Riverboats

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    Faith Hill is from there.

    There is the Mississipi River which is the largest in the states

    Elvis was born there 1935

    Pine Sol was invented in 1929

    Very popular for growing cottonand sweet potatoes

    Mississippi has 82 counties, all of which have at least one town named "Bubbaville"

    Theres lots of cool facts.. The t-shirt thing is a neat idea. I wanna do it haha

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    I think of Tom Sawyer and the Mississippi River. But I'm the weirdest guy I know, so...

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