Vegetarian on a no/low carb diet. Tips, recipes ideas?

Any recipes or tips?

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    I am also vegetarian and follow a low carb, low fat diet. Veggie stir frys are great! You can just add any veggies (asparagus, onions, broccoli, mushrooms, bok choy, snap peas, carrots, cabbage, peppers, baby corn.....) anything really, stir in some soy sauce, hot sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper on high high flame in a nonstick wok (no need for oil/butter) and just go wild...its quick, healthy and tasty! Add veggie broth for thinner version to pour over brown/white rice.

    Tip 1: invest in nonstick pans

    Tip 2: multivitamins, b12 and folate supplements every day

    Tip 3: start grilling, use balsamic vinegarette instead of oil for moisture

    Tip 4: add protein to your meals (tofu, beans, protein powders) to stay fuller longer

    Tip 5: use raw/whole grain varieties of foods as they are lower in carbs than processed versions of the same foods (eg. Old fashioned vs Instant oatmeal)

    Tip 6: when preparing salads, make sure you add a bit of sweet stuff to make it palatable like craisins/raisins/orange slices/strawberry slices etc.

    Tip 7: skip cheesy/salty salad dressings, use salsa or balsamic vinegarette or lemon juice

    Tip 8: indulge once in a while to stay happy!

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    Source(s): Delicious Paleo Recipe Guide :
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    Vegetarian Atkins Diet Recipes

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    go to, and by the search bar find the drop-down list containing "advanced search"... this should help a lot as far as the recipes go. as for tips, get some GOOD vitamins so you aren't malnourished... hit up a health and nutrition store, like GNC or whatever it's called. that's not optional, it's needed. otherwise, a vegetarian could be lacking tonsss of vitamins... and with less carbs, possibly energy, which could totally drain your body and even make you pass out. i take it you have experience being vegetarian already, so you probably already know this. but it's better safe than sorry :)

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    Unless you're on this diet for a medical reason (such as the elimination of allergies or other things) a low carb diet is a very bad idea. And by medical I mean doctor or dietician mandated. You need carbs, just as you need fat. A low carb diet meant high protein and that's damaging to your body. Too much protein stresses your kidneys, damages your bones, dehydrates you and depletes your body of vitamins and minerals.

    Somewhere between 20 to 30% of your diet should be protein, a little fat and the rest carbs. The key is complex carbs, not simply things like white bread and sugar. Whole grains like oatmeal, barley, dark rices, quinoa, aramenth and wheat berries are some good grains. Lots of fruits and veggies are key. Make sure you're getting fiber, omegas and fats too. Eliminating fat is dangerous. You need fat for your brain to work well, for your digestion and your reproductive system. Good fats include olive oil (great for cooking veggies in) almond or sesame oil, coconuts and avacados.

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    vegetarian carb diet tips recipes ideas

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    It would be impossible to go on a no carb diet.

    Low carb diets are dumb. There's zero science holding it together. Does it really sound right for a diet to advocate butter over broccoli?

    Instead, watch your macro intakes.

    Track on a website like and try to keep your carbs around 40-50% for a "reduced carb diet."

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    Instead of wheat products, you could try the replacement gluten-free rice flour foods. They are lighter and healthier than many of the wheat flour foods.

    For example, eat rice noodles instead of heavy wheat pasta. Or you could get some bean sprouts or bamboo shoots in a can (on the asian food isle) and mix it with stirfry, they taste like noodles and are great.

    Vegetables are carbs, but I don't know of any diet that forbids vegetables. So you can have salads every day with raw vegetables and for protein add some chickpeas. Also you can make bean burritos using large leaves (like swiss chards) as the wrap in replacement of a tortilla, or you can use rice wraps which are very light.

    Also get some raw, unsalted nuts. Almonds and pecans are supposedly healthy and lower in fat than other nuts, so you can eat more of these. With fatty nuts you may want to eat a smaller portion.

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    Depending on how strict a vegetarian you are, there are a lot of foods made from soy these days... and you should be able to find a number of good tofu with vegetables recipes...

    Always love the tofu with shitake mushrooms from a Chinese restaurant...

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