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What is the difference between ADR and ACRS in income tax law?

I am taking a into fed income tax class. I know that ADR was the old system, but ACRS §187 now applies. I know that there was "salvage value" under ADR but not under ACRS. My question is: under current law - what property still applies for ADR treatment and not ACRS? My book tells me there are certain categories that do but does not name them and only focuses on ACRS. Thanks!

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    Dear dj: The ADR system was put into law about 1970 and the categories were established for this system. The ACRS system was put on the books in 1981 and complimented the old ADR method of depreciation. My guess is if you look through the two systems some items will be covered by the old ADR system and not by the newer ACRS. Also you may have started depreciating an item under the old ADR and if the life extends to today it would still be covered by the older method.

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