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Is it expensive in Tokyo, Japan?

I plan on taking about a 12 day vacation there in the summer on August. The airfare for round trip is around $1,100-200. Now I want to know what kind of hotels are around the area that would cost me about $1000 for the stay. Then the cost of just having fun like nightlife and whatever else there may be to do.

Tell me about your experience if you have gone to Tokyo, Japan before.

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    We just got back from Tokyo, Kyoto and neighboring areas and I honestly didn't feel like it was expensive. I would check into the Shiba Park hotel - trust me it is nothing to look at but it was central (near hamamatsu station) and it was clean and safe and affordable. I would highly sugest booking tours (you can pick several days, 1/2 day and put them all together). Look into Sunrise tours and it's partner JTB. I don't usually recommend tours but in Japan I feel like it is essential and you get to see so much more. We did 10 days and visited Tokyo, Nikko, Kamakura (on our own), Mt. Fuji, Hakone (japanese onsen - amazing), Kyoto, Hiroshima this of course included 1 1/2 free days in Tokyo and 1 1/2 free days in Kyoto. If you google the above tours and contact your tour company for your country, they will mail you brochures and maps

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    It's quite expensive in Japan.

    1. Food. Prices are not too bad, you can find a cheap meal pretty much anywhere in Japan. There are a lot of fast food chains, ramen and donburi restaurants with prices ranging from $4-8 per order. Servings are not so big though. If you want to go to a nicer place, be willing to shell out $30 and up.

    2. Transpo. Taxis are expensive in Japan. As much as possible, avoid taking them. Flag-down rate is $7-8.Take the train instead, they're very efficient and you can get pretty much anywhere. From one stop to another it costs about $2. Bullet trains are expensive though, $200-300 if you plan on going to Kyoto/Nara/Osaka. Book earlier if you want them cheaper. There are buses that go around some cities, and they're cheap.

    3. Clubbing. Entrance is more expensive for men. Ladies can get in for free on some nights. Entrance fee is about $30 in Shibuya and Roppongi. The only club I know that doesn't have an entrance fee is Gas Panic and it sucks. Drinks are about $6-8 in clubs and bars.

    4. Shopping. The cheapest stores there were Uniqlo and H&M. It's not even cheap in stores in the side streets. There's a lot of great stuff though.

    5. Accommodations. My dad and my sister visited me once in Japan and they spent something like $1500 dollars for just one week. $1000 for 12 days is not possible if you actually plan on staying in a hotel. Don't get a hotel in Narita though. There's nothing there and it's too far from the main city, like 2 hours.

    The key to enjoying Japan, is to STOP CONVERTING AND CALCULATING.

    Source(s): I studied in Japan. I shopped, I partied, I traveled.
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    Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and the place where over 13 million people live, making it one of the most populous cities in the world but also, a big city to visit, find out more with hotelbye . Most of the city was devastated by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, and then again by the bombing in the WWII, however, Tokyo was able to achieve a remarkably rapid recovery both times. The main attraction of Tokyo is the Imperial Palace with its beautiful 17th-century parks surrounded by walls and moats. The palace is still in use by the Imperial family.

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    There are plenty of Tokyo hotels that are $70-$80 a night. It just wouldn't be a Hilton or a Hyatt. Most of these mid-grade hotels would be considered business hotels and would be for Japanese businessmen on a business trip inside the country. There's a Comfort Inn in Tokyo that meets your budget target.

    Most of these hotels won't show up on Expedia or Travelocity. They might show up in travel websites that specialize in cheap hotels in Asia. But you might be better off talking to a travel agent who knows Japan. If there isn't one in your city, there's always JTB USA. They don't book your hotel for free. They get a 5% standard commission from the hotel, so you're not the one getting charged extra.

    If you can handle a trip to New York or Toronto, I would not call Tokyo expensive. An experienced world traveler might call Tokyo expensive because you can't get $1 meals and $20 hotels like in a third world country.

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    Right now: expensive for Americans and British; and cheap for Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders. In a few years' time, depends on the then prevailing exchange rate.

  • 12 days---> 11 nights.. eh?

    And 11 nights for $1000USD??????

    You'll need lots of luck on this one, unless you plan on staying at capsule hotels, with a "room" that measures 2m by 1m by 1m for 2000JPY per night, or a business hotel located not close to Tokyo. For example, you can stay at a business hotel in Nishi-Kasai, about 10~20min away from Tokyo for about 8800JPY per night. Plan on staying at a nice fancy hotel in Tokyo? Unforunately, thats gonna cost you about $7000USD for 11 nights....

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    you won't find a quality hotel in tokyo for a thousand bucks over a 12 day stay. quality lodging is around 200-250 per night. better start saving now. :)

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    Tokyo is pretty dang expenseive.

    I'd suggest going in the fall or spring, not the summer. It is very humid in the summer.

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    Tokyo is the 3rd most expensive city in the world right after Moscow and London. It is outrageously expensive. If you plan on buying souvenirs or doing any shopping it will cost you $$$.

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