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American Airlines...?

What is maximum weight per suitcase for American Airlines?

Do I have to pay per suitcase, if yes how much?

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  • nako
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    Much of the information given in the first answer is incorrect. On American, the maximum weight allowed per checked suitcase depends on the destination of the traveller -- generally, you can check a bag weighing 50 pounds or less without paying the excess weight charge, unless you are travelling to Brazil, in which case the maximum weight without the fee is 70 pounds. American also lets you check in bags above those weight limits upon payment of a fee; however, there is a point beyond which overweight bags will not be accepted (which is generally 70 pounds).

    Unless you have elite status with AAdvantage, American's frequent flier program, American charges $15 for the first checked bag and $25 for the second checked bag. Further charges apply to additional checked bags, regardless of whether you have status with the airline or not.

    I'd also note that all of this information is clearly noted on American's website, which I linked below.

  • Anonymous
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    It is 20kg or 44 pounds per bag. I believe the 1st is free after that they charge. Try to do carry on which is free. A second bag is free if your flight is international.

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