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A few questions about joomla. When adding an extension how do i know which ones i can use. Some say capable for 1.5 or 1.0. Also how do i install them into joomla. Finally how do i know which extensions i have to pay for and which ones are free.

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    Joomla 1.0 can only use 1.0 extensions.

    Joomal 1.5 can use 1.0 extensions, but you have to enable the legacy support option.

    If you go to and browse the extensions, they will say commercial or non-commercial. The commerical ones you must pay for. Many have a non-commerical version that is free to use with a commercial version available with extra features.

    There are many great ones that are non-commercial.

    There are several ways to install extensions into Joomla.

    Once Joomla is installed, you point your web browser to http://yoursite/administrator/index.php replacing yoursite with the location where your site is located.

    Once in the administration section, you go to extensions menu and select install/uninstall.

    There you can select a zip file that contains the extension on your locale machine. This will upload it and install it automatically on your host.

    You can also enter a URL to the zip file, which will download it to your hosting site and install.

    Some large extensions take several seconds if not minutes to install. For these large ones, some hosts will, "time out," causing the install to fail. Several free hosts have this problem.

    One way that might get around this is to unzip the zip file with your extension to a folder. Either copy that folder to a tmp directory on your host, or use the hosts tools to unzip the zip file directly on the host to a tmp directory.

    Then you can use the install from directory option by selecting the folder you created on the host. This option does not require that the host unzip the files and does not take as much time, hopefully avoiding the time out problem.

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