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Obama's Stimulus bill/plan?

im doing a research paper on the stimulus bill and every time i find information it says they are considering or hoping never what exactly it will do. i need to know like how much moneys going for this and how much for that and what progress has been shown so far (if any) please leave links to because i have to list all my sources (dont think this counts) and do you presonally think its working or is it just a big waste of time and money. a lot of people are saying that this money is mostly going to people that are to lazy to get a job and not people who have to really work 40 hours a day or that are really trying to get a job after getting layed off do you agree? and if not this do you think that anything else would have been faster and more effiective to turn around the economy? oh yeah please dont just leave a 4 word answer THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks for pointing that out typo i meant 40 hours a week

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    1 decade ago
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    what "stimulus" bill. It was a SPENDING bill that was full of crap that won't help the economy. Government spending won't help since taxes will have to be raised. Anyone that thinks the "rich" are the only one affected haven't got a clue. Most of the "rich" in this country are small businesses and that will devastate this country. Private sector jobs are needed, not government jobs!

    Source(s): Barry is WORSE than Carter!
  • 1 decade ago

    Uh, it's impossible to know exactly what the results will be.

    Go to

    You can read the whole plan, and see the documentation of what's been authorized for what, and what spent thus far -- by governmental agency, or by state.

    Yes, it's begun working. It will take time to know its ultimate effects, and how much good it's doing and will do.

    No, it's mostly going to people who can't get jobs because there aren't enough jobs. The people who blame this on laziness can't do math, and have no grasp of reality.

    Most of it isn't being given to individuals. Much is being given to states, some of that to pay unemployement to people who got laid off, longer, since there aren't enough jobs. Much is going to agencies and companies to do things like fix roads and bridges, make government buildings greener (these will take a while to have effect; you can't just wish projects into existence).

    There are a lot of people who work 40 hours a week (day? there's only 24 per day, with no sleep or time to eat or pee) who don't make a living wage; some of them get food stamps; others have had their hours cut back -- it's not their fault there isn't enough work, and they can't afford to live.

    When there's a job fair, with 500 positions available, 4,000 people show up -- the people who say others don't want work are lying or deluded.

    No, there's nothing more effective than government spending to prevent suffering, and especially to put people to work, and using materials, keeping companies in business and those people employed.

    There have been innumerable writings and speeches about WHY this is needed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe the bill wouldn't have passed if Republicans were in congress debating and discussing the plan instead of out hunting, and buying cocktails for Nancy.

    Than when the bill was past Republicans get infuriated and for what? Hate to break it to ya Republicans, but you have no right or opinion on the stimulus plan seeing how a whooping 2 Republicans in congress actually participated.

    And yes which would prove the point, that Democrats didn't read it but neither did Republicans because look how long it took them after it past to complain about BAD errors in the bill? If only they participated the bill would had had less flaws, don't you agree?

    Republicans, your congressmen weren't in DC when the bill was being written and discussed, I'm sorry you have no opinion on the out come. Next year elect more competent leaders, not lazy ones.

    Snooze you lose.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The stimulus bill was 1,100+ pages long.

    Not a single Congressman read it before they voted on it and not a single Congressman knows what effect it will have on the economy. That's why conservatives and Republicans, like me, are outraged that they passed it.

    The only certain part about the stimulus bill was that it was going to cost the government $787 billion dollars.

    Good luck. :\

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thais because economics is not an exact science.

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