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How to get from Milan Malpensa Airport to Rome San Giovanni?


i am trying to figure out the way to leave Amsterdam to Rome. As there is no direct budget flight, i would have to get a flight which goes to Milan first and to take another budget flight to Rome Airport thereafter. As my B&B is near San Giovanni - about 3 stops away from the ROME Termini, i was wondering if i should take a train that goes straight from Milan to Rome San Giovanni station instead? If taking a train is a better idea, how much time is required to get from Milan Malpensa Airport to the nearest Trenitalia Station? When i try to do a booking, it said 'Milano Station' and i am not sure how to get there.

Please help!

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    While there are no direct flights from Schiphol to Rome, I wouldn't fly into Milan and then try to get to Rome from there. Take the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and get the direct Transavia flight to Rome Fiumicino airport.

    However, either way, I would not take the train from Milan to Rome in this case. the travel time is much longer than the flight. It's an hour on the bus from Malpensa airport to Milano Centrale train station to catch the train to Rome. There's a train from the airport to the Cadorna station in Milan that's a little faster, but then you'd have to take the metro to Milano Centrale to catch the train to Rome; it takes as long as the bus. Then it's another 3.5 to 4 hours to Rome on the train even using the high speed trains. The train from Milan will take you to Roma Termini station. You'll have to change there to get to the Rome Tuscolana which is near San Giovanni.

    You don't have to go to Roma Termini to get to your hotel from Fiumicino airport. There is a direct train from Fiumicino airport that stops at the Tuscolana station. It takes about 38 minutes and costs 5.50 euro.

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    Take the Bus from Malpensa to Milano Centrale (railway station). It's about one hour trip. Then take the train to Roma TERMINI. The normal fare is 45 euros for an IC train (more than 6 hours) or 75 euros for a ES AV (4 hours) train. Then you can take the bus (line 714) or a cab to San Giovanni in Laterano.

    There are NO other ways to get to San Giovanni in Laterano from Malpensa, except taking a flight to Rome!

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    I think the best is a flight from Malpensa to Roma Fiumicino. There are lots of flights by Easyjet (very cheap if you book early) and it takes just one hour.

    From Fiumicino you must take the train FR1 direction Fara Sabina, which stops in many stations in Rome, you get off in Roma Tuscolana and you take the metro A to San Giovanni. At the airport, you must ask for a ticket to Roma Tuscolana which costs 5,50 euros (don't ask Roma Termini which costs exactly twice!)

    I don't suggest the train: Malpensa is far from Milan, you would have to reach Milano Centrale (the main station) and take a train to Rome. But trains in Italy are very expensive, especially from Milan to Rome, and it takes not less than 4 hours.

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    If you have the time take the train the whole way. In any case when you get to Rome take a cab to your B&B you don't want to be carrying stuff that far after a long trip. Always take a cab from the airport to wherever you're going. ie. the train station. I honestly don't remember how long it takes; but Milan to Rome is pretty far. The trains as I remember them were fairly crowded and don't go very fast but that was a long time ago. So maybe things have changed but somehow I doubt very much. Have a great time and please talk to the people not the other Americans while your in foreign countries

    Source(s): My 4 month backpack trip.
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    I suggets u to take a plane then a cab from the airport, the train is too expensive than a low cost flight ( the train 2nd class is aboout 62 euros) if u r lucky and can book in time u can even pay a flight less than 10 euros ( just the flight). i booke dfor my mum and my 2 sisters from Milan to East Midlands (UK) for only 6pence( without any bag to check in ) !!! Unbelievable, the flight wont be the best but they only have to flight for 2 hours so it will be worth it...Milan from Rome is less than 1 hour I think...have a look on ryanair website, good luck!!!!

    Source(s): Italian girl living in UK ;-)
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