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What do you think of my bodybuilding stack?

Ok, so I am 18 year old college student who is looking to bulk up more in order to fill out my MMA weight. Plus, I will get the benefit of the wonderful beach body. I weight 169 pounds with roughly 15% body fat. I am 5'9". My goal is to put on 16 more pounds of muscle (be 185), then cut down to a lean 175 with about 9-10% BF.

I am going to take:

-Optimum 100% Whey (Protein)

-BSN Cellmass (Post-workout)

-Gaspri Nutrition Superpump 250 (Pre-workout)

-AST Multi Pro 32X (Multivitamin)

-Universal Animal Stak (Natural Testosterone Booster)

-Optimum BCAA tablets (for, well, BCAA's)

-Nutrex Lipo 6x (Fat loss)

I also have some Optimum ZMA's, and Omega 3's left over from my last stack that I will also be taking.

I will not be taking the Lipo 6x until the cutting stage. I will be taking the Animal Stak during the bulking stage (as it is only 3 weeks). I know I will get lots of heat for the Animal Stak i.e. "you are only 18, you don't need to use that", but I just want to see how the product works.

I have a very solid workout program, and I know that diet is 80% of physique and progress.

Tell me what you think. Any advice or thoughts? I am all ears!

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    Sick dude, your totally stacked up lol. You could try creatine yo if you wanted, it boosts strength and increases muscle mass by pulling more water into your muscles. Don't forget to do cardio.

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    that's alot man, I suggest you go over a simpler stack because you migh mess up something in your stomack like I did. mine before my stomach got messed up was,'s basic mass stack:

    - Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice 2544

    - AST Multi Pro 32X

    - Scivation VasoCharge

    - Prolab Glutamine Powder

    this worked well till I began to experiment with many other supplements, justt be careful man now I have to go to the doctor, I started taking powders and they would make me crap alot and now everything I eat, after a month of not being on supplements would still make me crap, cramps bloat and sometimes I can't even sleep thanks to my stomach, you name it. I've messed up something on my insides bro.

    I plan to take liquid creatine, AST multi pro, and egg whites sold on, but this is upon my recovery. take it easy on those things and find something simpler.

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