Foreign Exchange students?

My parents think it would be a good idea to have a foreign exchange student live with us when I'm a junior in high school (in 2 years). How do I tell the school that I wouldn't mind having one live with us? Should i go to my guidance counselor to get information? Do I get to pick if it's a boy or a girl or what country they're from?

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    I had an exchange student live with me and I went to France for a French Exchange last March! Let me tell you, it was by far one of the BEST experiences of my entire life! Our exchange was short, only 1 month and it was with a group of us from school. The French came in October and we went in March-April. Altogether there were 15 of us and we exchanged with an all girls school so getting a boy partner was impossible (two boys from our school went though). If I were you I would definitely get a girl partner because it's really awkward dealing with a partner that you have little in common with and don't even speak the same language. With a girl you can take her shopping or do girly things that you both know you will like. We were able to specify on the application what criteria our partner had to meet... For example you could say you only wanted to stay with a family with both parents married, a girl or boy, a certain age etc.. They also matched us up based on interest and ability to communicate. For example, I am pretty good at French so I got matched up with a girl who was weaker in English so I could communicate better with her. It was actually kind of a long process to match up... You had to write letters about yourself and to the coordinator on why this was such a good idea and all that fun stuff. I went through Red Leaf Student Exchanges which is a Canadian program. It was organized through the school, hence a group of us went so there were announcements about it but in my guidance office they have forms for private exchanges through the ISE (international student exchange) which is American too. My friend is in Switzerland right now with this program and I think it's typically three months. Like my program, you have to go through the same application process and yes, you are able to pick if it's a girl or boy and what country based on the languages you speak. Your guidance counselor should help you arrange this exchange since it's private, but a lot of it will be up to you and your family. Before you accept the partner though, MAKE SURE you are going to have the time for them to always make sure they are going someplace, have an activity planned and make them feel as at home as possible. One of my friends I traveled with had a family that was opposite to that and ended up having to go stay with a teacher because her family was so brutal. I think I've rambled on for long enough so to sum it up. DO IT! It's the best thing you'll experience, it completely rocks. There's the ISE website so you can look up a lot more information I failed to mention. That's the program I went through.

    I honestly you are able to experience this because it is so much fun and so amazing! I learned so much French in that one month it's crazy. LOL I stayed in Marseilles which is so beautiful and went to Paris... oh I would just love to go back.

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