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i need some upbeat music for good dancing?

does anyone know any real fast upbeat music to dance to

anything that will get u movinggg

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    Kardinal Offishall - Tide Is High (ft. Keri Hilson)

    Rihanna - Disturbia

    Beyonce - Halo

    Beyonce - If I Were A Boy

    Pussycat Dolls - I Hate this Part

    Pussycat Dolls - Bottle Pop

    Chris Brown - Superhuman (ft. Keri Hilson)

    Pink - Sober

    Jennifer Hudson - My Heart

    Brandy - Fall

    Kanye West - Heartless

    Jazmine Sullivan - Bust your Windows

    T.I. ft. Rihanna - Live your Life

    Keri Hilson - Energy

    Katy Perry - Hot N Cold

    Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl

    Jamie Foxx ft. T.I. - Just Like Me

    Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up

    Britney Spears - Circus

    Britney Spears - Womanizer

    Britney Spears - If you Seek Amy

    Natasha Bedingfield - Angel

    T.I. - Whatever U Like

    Paramore - Decode

    Paramore - Misery business

    T.I. - Every Chance I Get

    Akon - Troublemaker

    Lady GaGa - Poker Face

    Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight

    Keri Hilson - Return the Favor

    Bobby Valentino - Beep

    Brandy - Piano Man

    Fall Out boy - I Don’t Care

    Shontelle - T-shirt

    50 Cent - Get Up

    Soulja Boy ft. Sammie - Kiss Me Thru The Phone

    Ludacris - What Them girls Like

    Akon - Right now (Na Na Na)

    Ciara - Go Girl (ft. T - Pain)

    Akon - Holla Holla (ft. T - Pain)

    Beyonce - Single Ladies

    Lady Gaga - Just Dance

    T.I. - What Up, Whats Happenin?

    T - Pain ft. E-40 - Give Her The Keys

    Lil' Wayne - Lollipop (ft. Static Major)

    Pink - Sober

    Plies ft. Chris J - Put It On Ya

    The Pussycat Dolls – Magic

    The Pussycat Dolls - Elevator

    Three 6 Mafia - lolli Lolli (Pop that Body)

    Claude Kelly - Disguised Devil

    DJ Drama ft. Akon & T.I. & Snoop Dogg - Daydreaming

    Sway ft. Akon - Silver & Gold

    The Dream - Rock that Thang

    Nelly ft. T.I. & LL Cool J - Hold Up

    Christina Milian – Us Against the World

    Bow Wow – You Can Get It All

    Jennifer Hudson – If This Is Love

    Ne – Yo – Do You

    Nelly ft. Jermaine Dupri & Ciara – Stepped On My J’z

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    Sound of the underground- Girls Aloud

    Poker Face- Lady Ga Ga

    So What- Pink

    Just can't get enough- The Saturdays

    Raindrops- Sash

    Hope this helps


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    1 decade ago

    Infinity - Josh Guru Project

    Glamourous - Fergie

    My Delerium - Lady Hawke

    Their my favs for dancing!

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    one million)do no longer supply up the music by making use of Rihanna 2)satisfaction by making use of Benny benassi 3)Shadow of the Day by making use of Linkin Park (form of a sluggish music) 4)What Hurts the main by making use of Cascada 5)See You back by making use of Miley Cyrus 6)Low by making use of Flo Rida 7)Cyclone by making use of infant Bash 8)No Air by making use of Jordan Sparks 9)Ever Ever After by making use of Carrie Underwood (some aspects are sluggish)

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    Well, I don't know your personality, but I'll tell what gets me moving: it's drum and bass (specifically "jump up" style), I hope you might enjoy it.

    here you have, around 17 minutes of good and diverse dnb mix


    (just press play)

    Source(s): last.fm
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    1 decade ago

    get busy - sean paul

    oh i think they like me - dem franchise boyz

    get up - ciara ft. chamillionaire

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