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why is 1ppm = 1 mg / L of solution?


it is just a question in a chemestry book,

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    ppm means part per million , which is mg / kg considering the weight of 1L (approximately =) 1kg depending on the density of the solution (water for examole has a density of 1 at 25 C) so, 1L of water = 1 kg if you dissolve 1mg of substance in 1L of water you can say it is conc. is 1 ppm

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    This is sort of a trick question (if you wrote it correctly on here). You want 1.0 L of a 1 mg/ 1 L soultion? If the solution is already 1 mg in an entire liter, if you have 1.0L, then you only need 1 mg!!!!! So you need 0.001 grams of CdCl2.H2O. Also, what you have above is wrong. 1mg/L is not 1000ppm. 1mg/L is 1ppm So which is what you wanted? 1ppm or 1000ppm? if the answer is 1000ppm, you want 1000mg or exactly 1 gram of CdCl2.H2O. OK so the guy on the other answer pulled all these calculations out - but after all is said and done - you would need 1.098 g of CdCl2.H20 - which depending on the level of accuracy your solution requires, makes not much difference between the 1 gram I said and the 1.1 grams he showed. So basically, my answer is still correct and was determined much easier.

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    Suggest try ' Concentration' on the Wikipedia, then go to ' parts per notation'.

    1 ppm = 1 part per million i.e. 1 part solute in 1 million parts of solvent.

    1 L water weighs 1 Kg so,

    1 g solute in 1 Kg solvent is 1 part per thousand. so 1 milligram (mg)

    which is 1000 th of a gram in 1 Kg is 1000 * 1000 which is 1 ppm.

    1 mg is 1 millionth of a Kg. / ans.

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    why is 1ppm = 1 mg / L of solution?

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    5ppm =

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    What is the compound you are discussing?

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