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請英文高手幫我翻譯下列句子 (急)....

請英文高手幫我翻譯下列句子,因為我查了單字 就是拼湊不出適當的意思!! 我不要翻譯機直翻的意思ˊˋ

(1.)General Travel

(2.)A travel can usually find you the best deals on tickets and hotels.

(3.)You can buy your ticket from the ticket agent at the train station right before you get on the train.

(4.) Did you hear an announcement about our new departure time?

(5.)I expect an announcement any time now about a snow emergency at the airport.

(6.)The flight attendant offered all passengers a cold beverage during the flight.

(7.)The restaurant had a range of beverages on the drinks menu, including soft drinks and juices.

(8.) It’s going to be a cold night so I’ll ask housekeeping to send an extra blanket for our bed.

(9.)The snow blanketed the windshield making it difficult to see the roads.

(10.)For security reasons, visitors are not allowed in the area of the airport where passengers board the planes.

(11.)We will board the train for New York in ten minutes.

(12.)Please proceed directly to the baggage arrival area to claim your luggage.

(13.)Lost luggage can be claimed at the airline office.

(14.)The bus was delayed due to inclement weather.

(15.)The heavy traffic delayed our arrival at the train station.

(16.)After the wedding, the married couple departed for their honeymoon in Morocco.

(17.)We’re going to depart from our usual policy and allow you to leave work early one day a week.

(18.)Cruise passengers are given a pass for embarkation when they check in at the dock.

(19.)The flight crew must check the passengers’ documents before embarkation.


TO:堯堯 我還有另外23句 也可以麻煩你嗎...

TO:松鼠 因為段落翻譯的解釋都不太通 他都直接照著字面翻 所以我才來這發問 謝謝你的建議^^

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    (11.)我們將上去在10 分鐘內的紐約的火車。








    (19.)飛行機組人員在裝載之前必須檢查旅客 資料。


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    不用等= =


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