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1. You are superficial 是翻成你只看表面而不注重內函嗎?

2.請問有maybe(連一起) 這個字嗎? 之前都只看過may be(分開)


He may be a student 有這種寫法嗎?

3.You are practical 有這樣寫法嗎? 怎翻?

4.He is at the top of the sport 是說他是運動界的高手嗎?

5.You are in good shape 是翻他體態很好嗎?

請問有shape your body說法嗎?

6. 對什熱情是passion + for嗎?

跟craving for 或著 enthusiasm for有什差別

我覺的carving for是指對食物

而enthusiasm for同等passion for


7.我很飽是翻成 I am full?嗎


These clothes fit you

These clothes match you

These clothes are fit for you


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    1. You are superficial. 是〔你這個人膚淺〕

    2.有maybe這個字,當副詞用.may be分開時,只有may當副詞,be是動詞.

    He may be a student. 有這種寫法

    3.You are practical. 有這樣寫法: 〔意思是:你很務實〕

    4.He is at the top of the sport.没見過類似的說法.可能有誤.只有看過He was a man of forty-five, at the top of his profession. I left my purse at the top of the stairs.

    5.You are in good shape. 是他的健康狀況很好

    沒有shape your body的說法.但可以說His generation firmly believed they could shape the future.或The blacksmith shapes farm tools on his anvil.

    6. 熱情可以用passion + for跟craving for 或著 enthusiasm for

    如對學術的熱情用任何一個都可以.但passion會有sexual love的涵意.

    7.我很飽是 I am full.[我己經裝滿了的意思〕


    These clothes fit you.

    These clothes match you.

    These clothes are fit for you.


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    1. 翻譯:你很膚淺

    2. maybe:可能 = perhaps

     例:Maybe the teacher just hates me. (那個老師可能單純是討厭我)

     may be:可能是...

     例:The stranger may be a kidnapper. (那個陌生人可能就是綁匪)

    3. 有這種說法。翻譯:你很實際 (說人很講求實際)

    4. 是的。另一種說法:Sports is his strong suit.


    7. 說 I'm not hungry 比較簡單 XD

    以上是我會回答的,for your information

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