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I have problems with my iPod nano (First generation) and the advice I got from the apple store doesn't work.?

My nano went through the wash. The battery no longer works, which is a pain but I can deal with it saying as I have a radio-charger thing so I can listen to my music, but only in my room. The guys at Apple think that if I plug it into iTunes and hit Reset, the battery will recallibrate. However, when I plug it in, the screen keeps going on, getting the backlight, and then turning off. it cycles like this every 2 or so seconds. I want to get it all fixed up as I plan on buying a touch soon and I want to be able to give the nano to my mother so we can all have mp3 players (Also, it was hers to begin with and she let me have it because she thought she would never use it). Can anyone help me with this problem. Oh, and the guys at the apple store say the battery is not defective, as the normal amount of current was running through it or whatever.

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    not really

    the best advice would have been to stick it in rice after the wash but since you've already charged it and or turned it on there's no point in it now

    I guess just save a little extra and get her a nano or shuffle or something the next best thing would be to sell the parts or fix it from spare parts from

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    Ok i have the same problem with my ipod touch now at this point being water damaged there is no possible way apple will touch your ipod the warranty has been voided if not already over the best thing you can do is buy a new battery for it from apple if that doesnt work which it may not then something else in the ipod could be affected aswell. lets put it this way once its water damaged its pretty much dead unless you can get it working by getting a new battery id recommend purchasing another one.

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    I particularly have an ipod touch 2d gen. and thats been occurring with mine. you are able to desire to objective manually clicking on itunes once you plug your ipod into the computer. If that would not artwork then turn the carry button on then off and then carry down the menu and center button until the demonstrate screen is going black then an apple icon shows up. this could fix your ipod with out taking something off. by making use of ways, the nano chromatics look quite cool yet i admire the ipod touch. i could propose paying for a clean one. perhaps its only wiped out.

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    you can just get both nanos are like 70 bucks

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