How to I program my Prius's garage/gate buttons to work with my gate?

my car has the 3 buttons on the rearview mirror and I need to program it with my gate out front. the gate is brand new and the manual says how to program it with a gate but it makes NO sense at all. does anyone know how to do this or have done this in their toyota or any other car? thanks!

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    If you have difficulties reading the Toyota Prius Owner's Manual, perhaps you'll have better luck understanding this owner-created User Guide:

    The Homelink instructions, on page 38 of the above PDF by john1701a:



    It is a set of buttons on the rear-view mirror available for custom programming, to supplement your other remotes.

    Garage Door

    To program a Homelink button on your mirror to open & close your garage-door, do the following:

    1) If the mirror is off, turn it on. (The indicator light will be a steady green.)

    2) Press the desired programmable-button (the left most three) on the mirror and continue holding it depressed throughout the entire programming process.

    3) With the garage-door remote held close to the mirror, press the button on it repeatedly.

    4) When the indicator light on the mirror changes to a rapid blinking red, stop pressing both the buttons on the mirror and the opener. Programming is complete.

    5) Test the newly programmed Homelink button. Pressing it for 1 second will change the indicator light from a steady green to a steady red, which will instruct your garage door to open or close just like your garage-door remote.

    * Note: this programming is only available for remotes with non-rolling security codes.


    It is possible that you don't get the button programming timiing done correctly on the first few tries, so try try again... If your gate does use a rolling code, you'll have to use your gate's "learn" mode to program your Prius' Homelink button as a new "remote," so have the owner's manual for your gate handy as well.

    Some other Prius owners discuss their Homelink programming issues here:

    You can get more information about programming your particular model gate with your car's Homelink through the company's website:

    Good luck!

    Source(s): If you are still having trouble, I suggest asking on some Toyota Prius owner's groups:
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    the previous poster was correct in the basic programming sequence, however there are a few details you should be aware of.

    1. You may not be able to link your new gate controls to a Homelink system.

    Toyota uses Homelink on all it's remote openers, so you can contact the company that built the components for your gate and ask them if their system works with Homelink. If you are unsure how to contact them (should be a nice big plate or sticker on the gate controls somewhere advertising for that company), then contact the company that installed your gate and ask them.

    Stay with me on this next one.

    2. On garage door/gate openers themselves, there is what's generally called a "learning button" - a big orange or red button on the side of the unit.

    Modern remotes use a rolling code system that changes the general code it sends out every time you push the button. These are the remotes that came with your opener unit, not the Prius buttons.

    If programming the remote control doesn't work from inside your Prius (due to the rolling codes changing each time the button on the remote itself is pressed), then you must send the master command from the opener itself to your Homelink in the Prius.

    This sequence is in your Prius owner's manual but the basic idea is-

    - you must park your Prius close to the gate opener, leaving it running (obviously not in the way of the gate closing)

    - locate the "learning button" on the opener itself

    - clear all codes by pressing the two outer buttons on your Prius Homelink until the Homelink light flashes

    - press the "learning button" on your gate opener and then get back into the Prius within 30 seconds (more time than it sounds) and press the Homelink button you want to use to open the gate until the Homelink light flashes quickly (this may take several seconds so hold it until it does)

    - you may need to press the opener remote either before or after pressing the Homelink (after pressing the learning button and getting back in the Prius), try it without and, if that doesn't do it, then try it with

    Keep in mind that Homelink is just a transmitter/receiver system and, just like linking a phone with Bluetooth (just a communication link between two computer systems) to your Prius, not every opener or every phone works the same.

    It's frustrating, but I would start with checking to see if your gate transmitter even works with Homelink first. I have run into new openers that simply don't link to Homelink in the last couple of years, or link so poorly that the owners decided to stick with their original remotes and ignore the Homelink system entirely. Homelink is a great system on most applications, but that's most, not all.

    Good luck, and if that doesn't do it, contact me direct here in Answers.

    Source(s): I teach about hybrids and advanced tech for Toyota.
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    Call HomeLink at 1-800-355-3515. After a frustrating half hour of following other directions without success (apparently I was holding the buttons too long), I called HomeLink and had the most helpful, effective technician in the world successfully guide me through the process in five minutes! He was superb. Be sure to have the make and model of your garage unit available, and be in your car outside the garage.

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    2011 Prius Manual

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