Vacation in Canada; hot springs, where to stay?

I'm hoping to have a family white Christmas in Canada (from Australia). I've been looking about but cannot seem to find exactly what I need..

What I'm after is a nice villa/cabin to stay in (for 6 people). We'd like to have hot springs nearby (part of the resort/accommodation complex), as well as skiing, and snow mobiles. Ideally, the location wouldn't be too close to a major city (we're there to relax, not shop).

Anyone know the area, or able to suggest a nice place to stay?

The vacation is for two weeks, and I'd like the place to be around 3.5 to 4.5 stars (maybe 5 if the price is reasonable).

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    Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, or Canmore, Alberta are the places to visit that would suit all your needs.



    It has the world famous Banff Springs Hotel which was built in 1888 right by the hot springs. My wife and I stayed there last winter for a few days. They have a naturally heated pool outside, which is amazing in the winter while it is snowing on you. I believe the Banff Springs is a 4 or 5 star. Any time celebrities go to Banff, this is where they stay (

    During the winter, the average high for Banff is -5°C.

    Banff also has many cabins to stay at. I.e. Castle Mountain Chalets ( or the Tunnel Mountain Resort (

    Banff is by far the most popular winter destination in all of Canada. And as such, it can become a little busy. It is well worth it to come and see though.

    There are many ski hills surrounding Banff. You cannot go snow mobiling within Banff National Park though.

    Lake Louise


    It is just 45 minutes North of Banff and absolutley stunning. Many options to choose from to stay. Amazing skiing as well. The Chateau Lake Louise, on the shore of Lake Louise, is another amazing hotel in the Canadian Rockies (

    Lake Louise is not as busy as Banff.



    Jasper is another great place. It's not as busy or commercial as Banff and Lake Louise. However, it is 3.5 hours North of Banff and 3 hours West of Edmonton (the closest international airport).

    They have skiing and great places to stay at.



    Just located East of Banff National Park, Canmore is closer to Calgary, has skiing and great accommodations, and because you are not in a National Park, you can go snow mobiling.,_Alberta

    Hope that helps....

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    I think I know just the place for you! Banff, Alberta is a small town of about 7000 people, about an hour and a half away from Calgary (Alberta's main hub and largest city). It is a popular tourist destination, but if you stay in the nice resorts outside of town, it is really great. The place I have stayed a couple of times is called Hidden Ridge Resort. There is a huge open-air hot tub there, and the rooms range from small motel rooms to large 10-person suites. During Christmas time, the temperature sits at around -10 and doesn't get too cold at night, probably -20 (this is Celsius by the way). Skiing is right near by and you can snowmobile for a reasonable price. There are some nice restaurants in town and there is a lot to do. From Australia, I think you can get direct flights from Brisbane and Sydney into Vancouver, and then it is less than an hour's flight to Calgary from there. Good luck and have a great Christmas!

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    Another possibility is Fairmont Hotsprings, in BC, between Radium Hot Springs and the Kimberley/Cranbrook area. There is lots of great skiing there, good accomodation at Fairmont, or at nearby Invermere, or at Radium. Or, for that matter, at Kimberley, which also has a ski hill.

    There are a few Aussies in Kimberley, and from them we learned about the Australian custom of putting puffs of cotton on Christmas trees - to simulate snow. They were blown away when they saw the real thing, covered with snow.

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    We enjoyed Radium. there's a motel of the comparable call in simple terms over the line, interior the park, that has a course to the springs. whilst you're going quickly, they're open all year yet there became an indication warning approximately ice on the pool deck!

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    nova scotia is a beautiful province , if you like the outdoors

    also british columbia and alberta are beautiful places .

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